Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, July 26, 2013


       >was essential on the plantations<
         >of my grandmother's families<
              >Eugene Ray / DeGruy<
        >to discover the marvelous world of<
            >my mother's mother's family<
               >who progender this blog<
           +taught reading at age four just<
               +LIKE THE PLANTATION+
                    >(cosmos emerged)<  
             +"SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON"+
                   >(second favorite book)<
          >synchronistically linked to father's<
                   +DEGRUY TEMPLARS+
            >and their fantastic swiss castles<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >Odilon Redon's Fantastic World<
             >lighted the Cavaroc Daughters<
               +READ TASCHEN'S "REDON"+
                   +BY MICHAEL GIBSON+
                >he gave them his amazing<
              >Bordeaux sketchbook as they<
                  >were all from Bordeaux<

  #1).               +ODILON REDON+             
          >lived for a while in New Orleans and<
            >fell in love w/ Memere's sister and<
                       +INTERNET DATA+
                >possibly w/ Memere herself<
                 (>she loved romance, read<
                        +DEGRUY BLOG+
                   >about her prayer book<)

  #2).                     +CYCLOPS+                       
          >and his all-seeing comprehensivist eye<
             >symbolized that  Cavaroc World of< 
                     +FANTASTIC ARCADIA+
               (>Memere's French Stories were<
                     >all radiant and fantastic<)

   #3).             +TEMPLAR KNIGHTS+
           >all rode white horses in my favorite<
                        +PRINCE VALIENT+
               >Sunday Childhood Comic Strip<

  #4).                +JESUS CHRIST+
           >and Egyptian/Sumerian kings were<
            >by the radiant Legendary serpent<
            (>my SanSouci coral snake event<
              >as we dined one summer eve<)

  #5).                    +WISDOM+
         >of the aged patriarch was important on<
            >the French Creole Plantations and<
                    +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
                        +ODILON REDON+
                >both fit that later life persona<
            >to my friend and Tulane colleague<
                 >in the school of architecture<
                        +BERNARD LEMANN+
                        >doctor of philosophy<
                     +WHO SAW THE REDON+
             >one scholarly research day with the<
                        +CAVAROC FAMILY+
                 >name written in the first page<
                +SELENA BRES(SE) GREGORY+
                      >John Ray' sister in law<
                  +FITS INTO THIS SCENARIO+
                     Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                       Professor Emeritus, sdsu                        

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