Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, July 15, 2013


                    +CASTLE AS ARCHTYPE+ 
              >ancient castles provided dynamic<
                  >support for extended families<

                   +HEALING SYNERGETICS+
          > concept of a modern plantation for the<
               >combined Ray/de Bresse families<
                         +MODERN CASTLE+
           >as inspired by Gruy/Bresse ancestors<
               >with Savoy French Swiss blood<
                 +THE COUNTS OF GRUYERE+
                     >google my previous blogs<
                        >Eugene Ray Architect<
                             >Gruyere Castle<
               (>for several years I have sent this<
                   >nightly blog to my friends at<
                         +GRUYERE CASTLE+)
                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >the professor's most honored role<
                 >is as a visionary architect with<
                         +RADIANT DESIGN+
                     >a devotion to prototypes<

  #1).                    +HOLOGRAPHIC+                                 
              >vision to Gruy/Bresse/Savoy blood<
                 >is drawn from Genetic Memory<
                         +WWW AVAILABLE+
                  >galvanized by this Gruy book<
                (>note: I have told the story of the<
                    >miracle of finding this book<)

  #2).           +PLANTATION PROTOTYPE+    
            >for longer living was designed to have<
             >three generations of extended family<
                 >nourished by the plant kingdom<
                  >(read "the secret life of plants")<

   #3).         +PLANTATION PROTOTYPE+
          >for longer living is wind and solar energy<
              >supported with biotronic energy in<
                >enclosed separate family suites<

   #4).            +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
           >my original vision for an Arcadian type<
            >prototype to exhibit advanced design<
              >concepts also was castle inspired<

  #5).               +GRUYERE CASTLE+
          >our ancient family archetype where the<            
                    +COUNTS OF GRUYERE+
            >lived for over five hundred years and<
               >inspired much holographic vision<

                     +EXTENDED FAMILIES+
            >in one complex prototype share the<
              >major living, dining, kitchen, work<
                >spaces providing many virtues<
                     +FAMILY INTERACTION+
                              >very special<
                          +WITH ECONOMY+
                    Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                      Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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