Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, July 5, 2013


               >to Ralph Bowman my excellent<
                         +SDSU / ED ALUM+
              >and former student assistant who<
                  >sent some info on that 1800<
                           +BATON ROUGE+
                  >comet that lit up our sky and<
                     >Thomas jefferson's desk<                

             >to Tom Davis and Philip Matsigkeit<
                        +SDSU / ED ALUMS+
                >who have been very drawn to<
                         +SADHU WISDOM+
              >and sent kind messages yesterday<
                  >of impending profound events<

                         +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                 >Sadhu Wisdom has always been<
                    >to our research and teaching<

    #1).                       +"SADHUS"+
               >the book I leave to my son Derek who<                         
                  >saw Sadhus in India and is now in<
                         +ITALY FOR 2 MONTHS+
                  >gathering new material for essays<
                     >(google his "Reader" pieces)<     

    #2).                    +LEVITATION+
              >is part of the history of Sadhus and<
                 >their European counterpart the<
                  >miracles and silver ships have<
                     >had a long history in this<
                           +SACRED MILIEU+

   #3).                           +GOD+
            >said Saint Bernard is "Height, Width and<
               >Depth" alluding to the great ancient<
               >sense for proportions which was also<
                          +ANCIENT INDIAN+

   #4)                     +BALD HEADS+
            >provide Sadhus with Radient Palettes<
               >as Holy Men are very resourceful<
               >and imaginative in their personal<

    #5).                    +ORGANIC+
           >architecture was the domain of Sadhus<
             >long before Frank Lloyd Wright was<
                  >creating his wonderful oeuvre<

         >Bungalows grew out of this Syndrome<
             >filled with Radiant Negative Ions<
           >we must remember is from Bengal a<
              >special historical region in India<
       >last night Marianne and I watched from our<
           >Verandah (also Indian) the fireworks<
                   >that our small group saved<
            >Bungalows became the backbone of <
                  +AFFORDABLE AMERICAN+
               >housing in the early 20th century
                        (+SADHU WISDOM+)

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