Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, July 4, 2013


                  >color slide 3 screen presentation<
                         +THE REVELATION OF+
                         +RADIANT CONCEPTS+

                  >as I look back on it , is rather<
                   >that in two years time the color<
                        >slide presentation at sdsu<
                        +"RADIANT CONCEPTS"+
                      >was prepared and presented<
                           +IDEC CONFERENCE+
                      >at a national usa conference<

                           +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                   >it was in the stars, that early work<
                            >(we were only agents)<

   #1).                    +THREE CHILDREN+
                    >saw a UFO and each sketched it<
                           >and here are the results<
   #2).                    +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
                  >The work in New Orleans focused on<
                        >reached it's zenith in California<

   #3).                         +YOGURT SHOP+
                      >radiant architecture was shining< 
                        >w/ this fiber optic lit prototype<
                          >built for Larry Uruttia friend<
                                   +OF THE ARTS+  

   #4).                              +RADIANT+
                     >design furniture in the yogurt shop<. 
                     >created a powerful ambience and<
                          >Dave Fobes & Chris Jung<
                               >were the craftsmen<

   #5).                        +BATON ROUGE+
                        >was the mise en scene of the<
                                      +1947 UFO+
                         >and my first design work in<

                    +FIREBALLS OF THE EUCHARIST+
                               >11 by 17 inch collage<                                              
                    +VISIONS OFTHE CREOLE CHILD+
                       >is typical of the metaphysical<
                         >graphics developed during<
                          >our early California days<
                             +RADIANT W/ LIGHT+
                           Eugene Ray mfa, Architect
                             Professor emeritus sdsu

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  1. Larry Urrutia's installation of the Irwin disc was perhaps the best of all that I have seen from MOMA to the west coast over 35 years! Who wouldve thunk it? A yogurt shop run by people wearing Star Trek unis?


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