Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, July 1, 2013


                 +MAGIC ON THE PLAINS+
             >the shaman and builders pf the<
                        +CONE & DOME+
            >houses were filled with radiance<
                     +NATURAL ARTISTS+
            > their world was organic and filled<
                 >with cosmic comprehension<
                       +GEORGE CATLIN+
             >documented their magic persona<
                 >as it was about to disappear<
                       >victims of evel spirits<

                     +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >the earliest Americans lived in<
                    >a magical organic world<

  #1).                    +"MINERVA"+
            >the excellent english anthropology<
               >magazine is the source of the<
                     >George Catlin Photos<

  #2).              +WASH-KA-MONYA+
                >the warrior Fast Dancer as<
                    >painted by the talented<
                       >artist George Catlin< 

   #3).               +NO-HO-MON-YA+
               >the warrior Roman Nose was<
                    >brought to London and<
                          >became famous<

   #4).               +CONE HOUSES+
          >Wichita Village illustrates intelligence<
              >of Biotronic Domes prepared to<
                  >reset Tornado force winds<

  #5).               +DOME HOUSES+
              >Mandan village as sketched by<
                      +GEORGE CATLIN+
                 >used upside down boats to<
                     >cover the smoke hole<

                      +ORGANIC MAGIC+
         >was important to the visual and audial<
                     +POWERFUL DRUMS+
            >senses of these Plains Tribes and<
                       +RADIANT DESIGN+
            >was important to the blankets,pots<
               >clothes, drums, etc, etc, which<
                    +FILLED THEIR WORLD+
                          >trans gulf boats<
                    +CLOSE TO THE MAYA+

                   Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                     Professor Emeritus, sdsu                       


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