Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, July 20, 2013


        >to Robert Ray of SDSU Archives for<
         >placing an interview w/ me from the< 
                        +1980 DECADE+
                   >on the world wide web<

    >the televised interview by dr.Wilbur Blume<
      >of United States International University<
        >can now be seen via YouTube video<
           >Eugene Ray Architect / Professor<
             (>several designs are discussed)<
                  >with graphics and slides<)

                       +NEW ORLEANS+
           >by Grace King / honored historian<
                  >(treasure from my library)<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >the milieu of creole roots as<
                 >seen in a vital early book<

  #1).                  +GRATITUDE+
       >to Kerry Becham and Russell Desmond<
           >my friends and book dealers in old<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
               >who have made my search<
                 >for roots very rewarding<

  #2).            +CHARLES GAYARRE+
           >as you may know is a key scholar<
             >in my quest for finding insights<
                >about our Degruy/Foucher<
               >in France and New Orleans<       

  #3).              +PIRATES ALLEY+
          >where I once worked for a famed<
             >architectural firm brings focus<
                      +JUNGLE MILIEU+
               >on de Gruy, Foucher links<  
                  >to pirate Lafitte history<
                   >Eugene Ray / Degruy<
                   +DOMED SUGAR MILL+

  #4).         +CREOLE PLANTATION+
        >this is a good example of authentic<
                    +FRENCH CREOLE+
         >plantation houses developed in the<
               >French tropical islands and<
                 >brought to New Orleans<

  #5).            +FRENCH MARKET+
        >has to be the heart of Creole life in<
           >the Vieux Carre of New Orleans<
                     +RADIANT MILIEU+
        >within five blocks of this central locus<
        >lived several French creole ancestors<
            >and I constructed three projects<
         A).   >Eugene Ray Architect<
                   >explorers gift shop<
         B).   >Eugene Ray Architect<
                    >traylor apartment<
         C).   >Eugene Ray Architect<<  
                       >jazz workshop<

                  +CREOLE AMBIENCE+      
        >Degruy cousin Mary Lou Christovich<
              >(plus several other talents)<                          
          >has produced profound books to<
                       +MUST READS+
            >cover this creole environment<
                  >google my references<

                 Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                   Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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