Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, July 14, 2013

HOLOGRAPHIC VISION and the> ART HERITAGE of the deBRESSE> nice france & breston plantation ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SECRETS of the PRIORY de SION ancient aliens in the holographic universe possess mind control of >METAPHYSICAL MULTIPLICITY< Inbox x

                    +RADIANT ALCHEMY+
          >transcendental manifestations<
            >of the holographic universe<
                     +CREATIVE VISION+
                >through time and space<
                    +REMOTE VIEWING+
                  >is a bi-product of the<
                    >as is creative vision<

                 (>as a gift of the gods<
                       >one is only an<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >the heritage of the bresse of<
                +BRESTON PLANTATION+

     #1)            +HOLOGRAPHIC+
            >universe will explain creative<
                     +RADIANT VISION+
            >transcendent manifestations<

      #2)       +FRENCH ANCESTORS+
                   >in the orient forest<
            >were members of the secret<
                      +PRIORY de SION+
              >companion of the ancient<
                     >knights templars<

       #3)       +TROPIQUE MAGIQUE+
             >the metaphysical graphics of<
               >psychic holographic vision<
                >is the key to the oeuvre<

        #4)          +JULY 8TH, 2013+
         >marianne and i at the sky room<
             >of lajolla's la valencia hotel<
              >our wedding anniversary<
                 >(we met at this hotel)<
                     +RED BUNGALOW+
            (>treasures of san diego just<
                >below us in waiting for<
                   >action of the blind<)

         #5)   +BRESTON PLANTATION+
                    (>ouachita river near<
                      >rayville, louisiana<)
         >this photo, just discovered, is the<
          >of much of our artistic heritage<
                 +JOHN RAY OF RAYVILLE+
                      >married talented<
                 +CATHERINE de BRES(SE)
            >the original plantation of the<
                  >french planter pioneer<
              +JEAN BAPTISTE de BRESSE+
                  >native of nice france<
                    >another link to the<
               +SAVOY (GRUY) DYNASTY+
                (>google, duke de bresse<
                    >eugene ray / degruy<)

         >selena bres gregory the sister of<
             >catherine de bres became a<
               >famed new orleans artist<
                          +MOTHER OF+
               >sculptress angela gregory<
                   >of international fame<
                      +EUGENE RAY (1)+
        >my grandfather was the child of<
       (>he married lucie verloin degruy<
         >after he moved to new orleans<)
       >breston plantation was the setting<
           >of john ray's emancipation of<
               >slave labor as a friend of<
                  +ABRAHAM LINCOLN+
              >which forced him to leave<
                    >breston plantation<
                        +F O R E V E R+
                 eugene ray, mfa, architect
                  professor emeritus, sdsu

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