Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, June 2, 2013


                      +RADIANT PILGRIMS+
             >marianne and i on the island of<
                          +CAPRI IN 2006+
         >dear friends please see the fine film<
                    +MR HULOT'S HOLIDAY+
           >to accompany this capri message<
                (>that Jacques Tati film is a<
                   >humorous masterpiece<)
         >research provides a profound side<
             >to the value of seaside living<
                      +NEGATIVE IONS+
              >providing powerful seaside<
                    >healthful ambience<

                    +ALFRESCO LIVING+
        >and working out of doors is a good<
          >reflection of the Capri ambience<
         >a love of islands, has been well<
             >covered in the fine books of<
                +LAWRENCE DURRELL+
         >a must read for anyone with an<
            >appreciation of island living<

                +TONIGHT;S PHOTOS+
           >the search for the healthful<
            >continues on the magical<
                >island of italian capri<

      #1)          +MARIANNE+
        >raised on the beaches of los<
          >angeles enjoys the beauty<
             >of the hotel villa krupp<

      #2)       +VILLA KRUPP+
        >once the home of the steel<
          >industrialist of germany<
            +ARTHUR FROMMER+
   >has been the hotel writer i most<
    >admire in many years of travel<
        >recommended villa krupp<

      #3)      +KRUPP STYLE+
                (>collage graphic<)
     >included a highly glazed floor<
      >tile that was like walking on<
         >glass but created bright< 
            >vacation ambience<

      #4)     +WHITE WALLS+
               (>collage graphic<)
   >provided an upbeat feeling and<
       >our mornings were graced<
          >with a feeling of peace<

      #5)       +ALFRESCO+ 
    >dining may have been invented<
       >by the emperor Nero whose<
           >summer home was on<
    >sportshouses grew from my love
        >for the radiant ambience of<
           >lajolla and the island of<
      >google : eugene ray / degruy<
        >it was catherine de medici<
             >who brought alfresco<
                 >dining to france<

         gene ray, lajolla, california

       >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
        >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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