Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   >this seventh letter for Christopher Hawthorne<
          >arrives at the heart of the discussion<             

                   +AHEAD IN THE PAST+
   > like Lou Kahn , whose work I admire, looking
         >into the deep past produces vital data<
            >for profound architectural direction<          
                 +CLUES TO OUR FUTURE+
                    +ARE IN OUR OLDEST+
                        >see Chris.k Dunn<
                   +EARTH STRUCTURES+

                     +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >cosmic consciousness at the heart<
                  >of my design and teaching<

#1).                  +COSMIC VISION+
         >so important to the Alchemists of Paris<
           >and the lives of Lecorbusier/Degruy<
                   +TEMPLAR TEMPERED+
          >are found in the history of this ancient<
                         (>solar-lunar clock<)
            >please google for it's history that will<
                          +ANCIENT ALIEN+
               >lead us to cosmic consciousness<

 #2).                +FRENCH VISIONARY+
          >Maurice Chatelain member of the original<
             >NASA team that put us on the moon<
               >all of my cosmic research in this<
                     >must read seminal book<

 #3).                  +SWISS VISIONARY+
                    >(with the DJED pillar device)<
          >Erich Von Daniken is daily proved correct<
              >in the Cosmic links he introduced to< 
                         +HEAD IN THE SAND+
            >sleeping earthlings in his radiant book<
                   +"CHARIOTS OF THE GODS"+

  #4).               +TWO OF MY DESIGNS+
           >both Buildable Prototypes are found in<
                  >the pages of Earnst Burden's<
           >book on Cosmic Conscious architecture<
                 (>much of this is very fanciful but<
                   >All of my oeuvre is build able)
  #5).                   +RADIANT VISION+
            >this is NOT a NASA photo but instead<
                  >work from my SDSU class of<
                         >(nineteen seventies)<          
                       >(cosmic consciousness)<

                    +"OUR OCCULTED HISTORY"+
                               >by Jim Marrs< 
            >is the thorough, well researched recent<            
                    >book that in conjunction with<
                      +"THE GOD'S MACHINES"+
                           >by Wun Chok Bong<
                        +WILL PROVIDE COSMIC+
                                  >ancient alien<
                        Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                          Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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