Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, June 6, 2013

ALL CARS WERE SPORTS CARS... ( in the beginning )

                   +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                   +AERODYNE PROTOTYPES+
       >technologically has always been inspired<       
          >by automobile design and construction<
                     +BUGATTI & DELAHAYE+
                        +DELAGE & VOISIN+
            >as i made the one hundred drawings<
               >for the "Silver Ship" construction<
                         +MORRIS GARAGE+  
                >cars were a great inspiration<
                   >(jaguar and morgan also)<
               +ESPECIALLY "DROPHEADS"+
                  +FROM THE 1930-1940ss+
              >my father's "Hupmobile" may<   
                >have triggered this vision<
                    >(but not his Packard)<
                     +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >five photos from the factory manual<
             >of the english Sunbeam Talbot<
                      +TALBOT "10" 1946+
                (>basic, affordable, simple,<   
                    >an english family car<)

     #1)              +POSTWAR+  
           >practicality was the strength<
              >of this english family car<
     #2)            +CONTROLS+        
         >all straight forward and basic<
          >in the orderly driver's view<
     #3)              +ENGINE+
          >there was a sports car spirit<
             >in the functional layout<
      #4)           +CHASSIS+
           >lending itself to henry ford<
              >style mass production< 
       #5)        +ELECTRICS+
        >the distributer reminds me of<
           >my 1942-1949 plymouths<
            +THE ROTOR BROKE+
                >pan-american hw<
                      >enroute to<
             +MEXICO CITY (D.F.)+
     >fortunately using electrical tape<
          >i was able to get it to work<
       >until the next mountain village<
             +FOND MEMORY OF+
                   >seat of pants<
              +MOTORING 1955+
         gene ray, lajolla, california

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