Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, June 28, 2013


                   +CREOLE MEMORY+
     >the ancestral plantation as an influence<
        >in my design for the Iran library was<
         >reflecting the holographic paradigm<
              >inherent in genetic memory<
                     >by Michael Talbot<
            >says Michael Talbot is a product<        
               >of this holographic paradigm<
                    +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
        >genetic memory synchronicity influence<
                (+RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+)
             >in my design for circular structure<
                  >has long been clear to me<
           >did you see Jim Marrs on television<
               >two nights ago discussing the<
                  ! +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+ ! ?
            >(ref: Gruy & Sacred Architecture)<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >focus on the holographic paradigm<
                 >influencing my architecture<
  #1).             +SAULET PLANTATION+
                >ancestral house in it's last days<
                 +SAULET-DeGRUY MEMORY+
        >DeGruy cousin Mary Lou Christovich has<
          >w/ the brilliant historian Samuel Wilson<
            >and others produced the great series<
                (>The Lower Garden District, vol 1<
                     >covers this ancestral house<)

  #2).             +ST TAMMANY PARISH+
            >our dear friend Robin Lobdell Beeman<
                >grew up here as her family home<
                          +POETIC MEMORY+
                   (>seen here after her parents<
                      >had left this planet earth<)

    #3).             +PAHLAVI LIBRARY+
               >front elevation rendering study<
                 >prismacolor on ozalid print<

    #4).          +SAULET PLANTATION+
              >ancestral house in it's glory days<
                  >rendering by Boyd Cruise<
              (>Francois Joseph Verloin DeGruy<
                        +3RD GENERATION+
                  > married Marie Eloise Saulet<)
                         (>they inherited the<
                          >domed sugar mill<) !

    #5).             +PAHLAVI LIBRARY+
               >front elevation rendering study<
                    >prismacolor on blueprint<
                     >Eugene Ray Architect<
                          +IRAN LIBRARY+
                        +SOLAR HEATING+ 
                >and structural glass are part<
                  >of the innovative concept <
              >Mario Lara and Yoshi Matsuhisa<
                >built an excellent model of this<
                        +PAHLAVI LIBRARY+              
                    Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                      Professor emeritus, sdsu

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