Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, June 10, 2013

METAPHYSICAL GRAPHICS 1970-1995 ( lajolla studios )

                      +MULTIVALENT CREATIVITY+
                           >should be encouraged<
               >from the beginning of my creative life<
                    >i found much synergetic reward<
                      +DESIGNING STRUCTURES+
                                >while producing<
                     +METAPHYSICAL GRAPHICS+
             (>after all Lecorbusier painted in the AM<
                             +CORBU SYNERGY+
                 >and designed buildings in the PM<)
                         +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
              >mixed building designs and sketches<
                >for paintings on the same page of<
                   >his notebook (w/ a grocery list)<
                               +BRUCE GOFF+
              >my multi talented friend, one of the<
               >giants of artistry, produced many<
                   >buildings and works of art<
                        >all at the same time<
                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >two lajolla studios and a taste of<  
                   >the metaphysical graphics<

      #1)        +LAJOLLA STUDIO 1972+
         >daily production of metaphysic vision<  
              >photos/collages/sketches while<
                  +DESIGNING BUILDINGS+
          >& environ design at san diego state<
           (>creating the new design program<)

       #2)       + COLLAGE WALL 1972+
         >a corner of that studio, which was our<
          >small apartment living room, shows<
           >african/mexican organic interest<
                >folk graphics plus my own<
                 +COLLAGE GRAPHICS+
        (>four xerographs, lower left, plus<
               >the painting on the right<)
      #3)     +HOUSE IN ORANGE ST+
        >top half of a xerographic collage w/<
           >new orleans garden district ref<
                      +CREOLE RUINS+
                      +NOLA JUNGLE+
           >to a ruinous house & garden<        
                 >eugene ray / degruy<
                      >orange street<

      #4)      +LAJOLLA STUDIO 1995+ 
       >silver ship studio on nautilus street<
        >of the design of many buildings<
            >and metaphysical graphics<

      #5)          +PARIS PACKET+
           (>much nola creole reference<)
       >the first of two xerographic packets<
         >of my metaphysical graphics for<
                    +REGINE LUSSAN+
          >art gallery in paris which had<
             >interest in my production<

          >as in the historical examples of<
       >the fine art graphics may be hard<
           >to show w/ the architecture<
         >i believed in making as effort<
           >my slide presentation and<
             >gallery exhibitions were<
                +PRIME EXAMPLES+
                 >thanks max conrad<
            gene ray, lajolla, california

           >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
           >professoe emeritus, sdsu<

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