Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, June 27, 2013


    >my brand of organic architecture was unique<
       >to it's origins in the Mexican Gulf region<
           >and the influences of my genetics<
     > I am grateful for messages yesterday from<
                        +JUDGE HUNTER+
           >who I met at Melrose Plantation and <
                           +DIRK SUTRO+
            >who wrote that kind article about me<
                  >for  the Los Angeles Times< 
                      +FRIENDS FOREVER+
         >Judge Hunter had sent me a generous<
           >gift of a Cavaroc House graphic and<
                >Dirk earned my respect for his<
                     >perceptive ARTS writing<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >are inspired by those kind messages<
           >reminding me of our creole blood< 
              >links and my pedagogical life<

    #1).            +GENETIC MEMORY+
         >this typical New Orleans French Creole<
                     +18th C. WEST INDIES+
            >was located in the Garden District<
              >locus of several  DeGruy linked<
                    >sugar plantation houses<  
                    >Eugene Ray / DeGruy<
                     +CHARLES GAYAREE+
       >Dirk Sutro would enjoy reading the scholarly<
         >account of life on Degruy Foucher cousins<
                   +FOUCHER-GRUY COUSIN+
           >plantation published in Harpers Weekly<
   #2).                +INDIAN TEMPLE+
          >typical of the one located on the DeGruy< 
            >jungle Indian mound sugar plantation<             
                 >with Jean Lafitte associations<
                      >Eugene Ray / Degruy<

    #3).         +IRAN NATIONAL LIBRARY+
        >my design in the Pahlavi library competition<
         >I believe shows the influence of the strong<
                         +GENETIC MEMORY+
            >of Greek Revival Louisiana plantations<
                       >Eugene Ray / DeGruy<
                            +IRAN LIBRARY+

    #4).                 +METAPHYSICAL+
         >collage graphics have been synchronistic<
           >to my architectural design oeuvre and<
             >express the French tropic influence<
                       >Eugene Ray Architect<

    #5).             +LIVINGSTON PARISH+
        >Louisiana courthouse is one of two designs<
          > I made for that parish while living in our<
                        +SANSOUCI FOREST+
              >glazed pavilion jungle studio house<
                >(the other was the parish hospital)<

        >my life as an architect/professor in California<
          >encouraged the wonderful opportunity for<
                   +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
            >designing visionary creative structures<
          >encouraged my design oeuvre to respond<
          >to genetic and regional organic influences<
                 +FRENCH TROPIC SYNDROME+
                    >Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect<
                      >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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