Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, June 21, 2013

HIGH TECHNOLOGY>IS< NATURE ( letter to Christopher Hawthorne )

                  +NATURE IS OUR BEST GUIDE+
                     >continues in this third letter to<
                   +CHRISTOPHER HAWTHORNE+
                        >architectural critic for the<
                            >Los Angeles Times<

                           +REYNER BANHAM+
             >the great English architectural historian<
                   >and author of the seminal book<
                 +OF THE FIRST MACHINE AGE+
                >was intrigued with my design using<
                     >the ultimate high technology<
                  +ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY+
                      ( >biotronic energy found in<
                         +CONES & SPHERES+" )
                ( >Mary Banham his scholarly widow<
                          +ASPEN DESIGN CONF+
                  >came to both my London Lectures<
                           +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >architecture of the ultimate machine age<
                       +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                     >where nature is our best guide<

       #1).        +RADIANT CONCEPTS  1995+
                     >the final San Diego exhibition<
                            >of my life's work with<
                      +BIOTRONIC PROTOTYPES+
                           >( radiant architecture )<
        #2).          +EVERETTE VILLA 1982+
             >uses biotronic energy of cones/spheres<                                                                                         
                  >plus passive solar energy heating<
        #3).            +PEOPLE WASH 1992+
                 >one of several prototypes designed<
                      >for biotronic health radiance<
        #4).               +REYNER BANHAM+
                >and I in my classroom at SDSU where<
                        >he was my guest for a major<
                           >final public presentation<
        #5).              +PEOPLE WASH 1991+
                 >the largest of my prototypes designed<
                   >for public biotronic energy radiance<
                      +HEALTH IS A MAJOR ISSUE+
                           (>cancer, alzeimers etc<)

                >Lecorbusier was much admired for his<
                       >scholarly use of the "Modular"<     
                           ( nature's ideal measure )
                              +REYNER BANHAM+
                   >much admired Lecorbusier as does<
                    >his successor at Bartlett's School<
                    >(locus of my 2nd London lecture)<
                                 +J.K. BIRKSTED+
                        >author of the scholarly book<
                                  +THE OCCULT+
                     >historian Simon Richards points out<
                        >as  evident in Lecorbusier's work<
                      >I find in his two Radiant Churches<
                             +RONCHAMP & FIRMANY+
                        >the former biomorphic, the latter<
                               +TRUNCATED CONE+   
                           >Eugene Ray, mfa Architect<
                             >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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