Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, June 23, 2013


                 +NATURE IS OUR BEST GUIDE+
                   >design as alchemical essence<
                     (>"lecorbusier and the occult"<
                        >Is a valuable reference<)     

                       +TUNED DESIGN VISION+
            >this letter to Christopher Hawthorne was<
               >Given a charge of ESSENCE tonight<
                     >by two Radiant Experiences< !

     A}.                 +TROPIC CONCEPT+
            >a feature article in the N.Y.TIMES about<=
              >JONES BEACH umbrellas made by a<
                              +MRS PETERS+
                  > crafts lady from the west indies<
                         (+NEW ORLEANS LINK+)
     B).                 +SYNCHRONICITY+
              .>Marianne and I had dreams tonight<
                 >that were coordinated and set in<
                            +NEW ORLEANS+

                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >my design oeuvre and teaching were<
                 >galvanized by our New Orleans<
                            +CREOLE ROOTS+
                 >(Photos were selected Thursday)<

   #1).             +PSYCHIC PROJECTION+
          >the Essence of my Oeuvre can be traced<
                >to our family roots in France and<
                            +NEW ORLEANS+
    #2).             +LOS ANGELES TIMES+
          >article on my architecture and teaching in<
                   >the nineteen eighties after the<
                      +FRENCH GOVERNMENT+
               >published my research in Biotronics<
                     +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
     #3).                 +MAYAN CONE+
            > the Mayan influence in New Orleans<
                >on my work & teaching was vital<         
                          +WRIGHT & GOFF+
               >both felt this powerful influence<
                  >fueled by organic radiance<
     #4).                +OEUVRE 1980+
             >announcement of my retrospective<   
                 >exhibition at San Diego State<                  
      #5).            +THE SILVER SHIP+
              >our home and studio in Lajolla for<
                   >over a quarter of a century<
                     >Eugene Ray Architect<
                              >Silver Ship<
                       >(corbu/wright/goff ref)<
                  +IN MY WORK & TEACHING+

                     Eugene Ray mfa, Architect
                      Professor Emeritus, sdsu<

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