Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, June 24, 2013


            (>for Christopher Hawthorne<
              >of the Los Angeles times<)
               >what more then just how<
               +INTENSE RESEARCH+
      >in ancient esoteric knowledge offers<
          >the background to my oeuvre<
          >architectural history provides<
             >important facts and data<

                +"ANCIENT ALIENS"+
              >television documentary<
  >the History Channel's profound program<
       >presents a key to advanced design<
               +THE 1947 UFO I SAW+
       >as a boy has galvanized my work<
          >and some reading references<
              >provide expansive insight<

                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
        >intense research provides serious<
                    +RADIANT DESIGN+
           >architects profound knowledge<

   #1).        +ALIEN TECHNOLOGY+
       >back engineered is found profusely<
        >in this highly researched book by<
                   +WUN CHOK BONG+
           >that holds the key to the future<
              >by going deep into the past<

    #2).      +CHRISTOPHER DUNN+
                >egypt technology expert<
           >is the most qualified engineer to<
            >provide corroborative evidence<
                >of ancient alien technology<

    #3).        +SUMERIAN HISTORY+
          >precedes Egyptian in evidence of<
           >advanced alien technology data<
                  +ZECHARIA SITCHEN+
           >in an impressive series of books<
              >provided a lifetime's research<
    #4).          +LEONARDO DAVINCI+
                >visionary architect of genius<
                 +STAR OF GRUY HISTORY+       
        >provided transcendental design concepts<                                                   
             >long before they were adopted by<
                  >foot dragging public usage<

     #5).                 +FULCANELLI+
       >research links the design of the cathedrals<
                     +SACRED GEOMANCY+
           >to the amazing architecture of Luxor<
            >and the history of French alchemy<

                      +FURTHER READING+
            >please google key words from this<
                >text linked to my writing over<         
                           +EIGHT YEARS+
             >first for GRUY family research of<
                            +FIVE YEARS+
                >all found in this easy method<
                +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
                   +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
                        >(as an example)<
                  +EUGENE RAY / DE GRUY+
                          >(as an example)<
                         +ANCIENT ALIENS+
                          >etc, etc, etc, etc<

                    Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                      Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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