Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


                    +INSIDE VIEW+         
         >for Christopher Hawthorne our<
             >sdsu classes won awards<

    >attracted students from all over and<
        > many came from pacific isles< 
            +PHILIPPINES & JAPAN+
         >patrons also sought designs<
            >from me and I would do<
                 >my best to oblige<
              +SEVERAL PROJECTS+    
         >were actually constructed and<
            >although I designed them<
                       +HANDS ON+
             >students aided the effort< 
  >The magnificent tropical flower became<
     >the logo of my work and in the early<
         >days students helped build our<
              +HANDS ON PROJECTS+
       (>when students were apprenticing<
                  +BUILT PROJECTS+
          >our patrons were served free<)

                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >some of my design prototypes aided<
            >by hands on learning process<
#1).             +PHALAVI LIBRARY+    
     >competitions were also sought out and<
      >the Iran national library was one that<
               +EARNED MUCH CREDIT+
         >until the revolution caused a halt<
         >Mario Lara and Yoshi Matsuhisa< 
               >built this beautiful model<
         >from my original design drawings<
                   +RADIANT PHOTOS+
              >were techniques I invented<
#2).                 +UNISPHERE+
       >an expanded version was published<
        >in the San Diego Union newspaper<
          >Sean McNamie and Scott Burch<
                >built another fine model<
                 >Eugene Ray Architect<
        >were important to our annual effort<
             >to explore color/light/energy<
         >was researched and constructed in<
               +SYNERGETIC ENVIRONS+
            >classes I developed for this effort<
#4).                  +THE PEAK+
       >was an international hotel competition<
         >overlooking the Hong Kong harbor<
          >openable suites was adopted for< 
            >maximizing the beautiful view<
          +Chikako Terada was my assistant<
                >in this very difficult project<
#5).          +SILVER SHIP CABINET+
     >aerodyne prototype furniture was another<
       >design effort I made w/ the architecture<
            >Yieuman Yeung was the builder< 
                >of this Silver Ship prototype<
       >fills my heart when I think of the effort<
          >we made to advance architecture<
            >(several news articles note this)<
                 +STUDENTS FEATURED+
         >tonight have become professors and<
            >architects that cause much pride<
                   +RADIANT W/ ENERGY+

                  Eugene Ray, mfa Architect 
                   Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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