Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, November 30, 2013

FORENSIC GEOLOGY PROOF / knights templars in arizona 800 A.D.

                                               >fifty feet high that one sees over the village of<
                                                          +CHARLES DE GAULLE+
>in the french orient forest near the old
>monastery of saint bernard and the degruy<
>chateau site of mangy fouchard is very<
>mindful of the knights templar origin<
>in that champagne france region< 
>had adopted the cross of lorraine earlier in<
>her village near degaulle's village aided<
>by good king rene de anjou from that<
>historical orient forest region<
>forensic geologist proved last night on<
>his television documentary that the<
>knights templar lorraine cross of<
+ARIZONA 800 A.D.+
>was an authentic historical find<
>structural principles were impressive<
>in other scot wolter documentaries<
>and are also pre-columbus dated<

>geomancy practiced by saint bernard<
>found acceptance in old new orleans<
>and influenced our genetic memory<

                                                  >degruy family 18th c nola plantations<
                                                       >used knights templar principles<
                                               >francois de bourbon & michelle morgand<
                                                    >w/ marianne and i in paris 2005<
                                                    +FRENCH TEMPLAR FRIENDS+
                                                     >in france have been helpful in my<
                                                        >many years of research there<
                                                (>francois a direct descendent of louis xiv<
                                                            +TEMPLAR THEORY+
                                                  >shared his vast personal french archive)

                                                   >saint king dagobert merovingian link<
>to degruy templar history is strong<
                                                    >freemasonry lodge in new orleans is<
                                                       >an outgrowth of templar history<

                                                  >eric von daniken & egypt djed device<
                                                     >has strong knight's templar vision<
                                              >augustus le plongeon amazing work in the<
>yucatan had knights templar vision< 

                                                  >architectural wisdom can be traced to<                                                  
                                                   >earlier sumerian, egyptian & mayan<
                                                      >extraterrestrial influenced data<
                                                      >domes are important to my work<
>california villas essential vision<
                                                  >universal spheroid openable residence<                    
>radiant organic biotronic concept<
                                                     +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                                                      >vibrant with biotronic energy<

                                                   >biotronic energy at the heart of<
                                                    >radiant architecture prototypes<
                                                 >the silver ship in lajolla california<
                                                >mise en scene of radiant concepts<
>to eric lloyd wright and other talented<
                                                        +ORGANIC ARCHITECTS+
>who send Facebook greetings every<
>day and give kind support to these<
>nightly efforts toward the light<
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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