Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, December 1, 2013

ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE / nature our best guide

>are stronger and radiant with healthy 
                                                           +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
>simple testing with plants in spheres<
>and cones will prove that. (with<
>and the russian kirlian photography)<

>to mary lynn hyde and neal pendleton<
>for information about the loss of the<    
>house to a sad case of arson fueled<
>by alcohol/marijuana consumption<
>during midnight ghost hunting<
(>report by st. bernard parish sheriff,<
>house locus near cavaroc house<)

                                                     rammed earth, bio-prototype

                                                    ferro cement, bio-prototype

                                                             +TWO BIOMORPHICS+
>from my oeuvre based on nature's
>strong structural examples<

                                                    lajolla landscape detail

>we are surrounded by natures example<
>of intelligent formats for structure<

                                                 historic new orleans collection book

                                                   saint bernard, ( templar geomancy )

                                               biloxi colony, preceded new orleans

>of the mexican gulf coast express<
>the biomorphics of nature<
>would have designed structures<
>closer to the patterns of nature<
>then typical french architects<

                                                  biloxi colony, preceded new orleans
                                                           +BILOXI COLONY 1720+
                                                >the french architects in the biloxi jungle<
                                                 >had an opportunity to design structures<
                                                           +DISASTER RESISTANT+
                                                       >that would relate better to nature<
                                                 biomorphic floor plan; initial sketch

>of a biomorphic structure is seen in<
>this freehand sketch i made in<
+SPRING 1977+

>let us please take note<
                                                         +BILOXI WAS DESTROYED+
                                                                 >along the coast by<
                                                           +HURRICANE KATRINA+
                                                               eugene ray, mfa, architect
  professor emeritus, sdsu

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