Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CHRISTMAS RADIANCE / cagnes-sur-mer / new orleans / lajolla

>is the ultimate gift for you this<
>a major insight in a time when so<
>many are mired in negative ideas<
>i offer you the best i know<
>on this amazing planet<

>Tom Davis, profound research scholar<
>informs he is sending research paper<
>no. 11 to me on Freud, Jung & Adler<

                                               radiant dreams at cagnes-sur-mer
                                               ancestral magic at cagnes-sur-mer

                                                        +CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE+
                                            >such happiness we had in this ancient village<
                                                                +MAY FIRST 2011+
>remember, it was at the may day festival<
>the christmas radiance tonight must be<
>shades of Michael de Gruyere and<
>his blood brother prince Francois<
>Anjouleme, future french king<
                                                         (>Gruyere-Barranger link here<
                                                           >via the Duchy of Provence<)
                                                 archival blazon graphic collage
                                                architecture archive graphics, la jolla
                                                 california design binder book , la jolla

                                                        +CHRISTMAS IN LAJOLLA+
                                                 >thousands of graphics await their final<
                                                  >home at SDSU & THNOC archives<
                                                >that Van Gogh paintings were used for<
                                                     >mops at his old boarding house<

                                                  Traylor vieux carre apartment
                                                 Traylor vieux carre apartment
                                                    Traylor vieux carre apartment
                                                  Traylor vieux carre apartment

                                                +CHRISTMAS IN NEW ORLEANS+
                                                >electrographic synergetic architecture<
                                                  >designed for the Traylor brothers<
                                                    >the 2nd of three projects in the<
                                                              +VIEUX CARRE+
                                                       (>photos by friend/lsu alum<
                                                        >John Messina/tuscon, az<)

                                                   collage gift to dave fobes , 2013
                                                reference gift for sdsu e.d. alumni

>is the relm of visionary designers<
>free of political struggle-battle<
>creating from the heart<
                                                            +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
>is your greatest media<

                                                christmas sunset sky, lajolla california
                                                christmas radiance / la valencia hotel
                                                 christmas sky over the pacific , lajolla
Chris Cerna jazz, @ la valencia piano

>last night marianne and i returned<
>to the room where we met and<
>listened to music while dining<
>musical genius was at the piano<
>and played his jazz version of<
>that will melt any hard heart<
>this blind pianist is the most<
>talented pianist i have heard<
>he and wife celeste are<
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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