Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, November 2, 2013

POVERTY POINT COSMOS / circle and sphere vision

>with cosmic consciousness was the<
>of the native americans at amazing<
>did you see the very informative new<
>History Channel series last night< ?
>especially the Baton Rouge "comet"<
>sighting reported by William Dunbar<
>which they flatly claim as an<
+19th C. UFO+ ! 
>who like Benjamin Franklin had a<
>strong Templar/Freemason Vision<
>wrote this up when received from<
>William Dunbar as a field report<
(>i have a deep interest in this<
>as it "crashed" (or landed)<
>near where i saw the<
+1947 UFO+
>while flying my large kite<)

>magazine has provided several articles<
>recently about the poverty point site<
>the most recent states it was a <

>which i saw years ago as seen in<
>Wun Chok Bongs seminal book<
>has biotronic energy devices at<
>crucial points in the circle<

                                                                     +FENG SCHUI+
                                                         >was part of my thinking when<
                                                            >designing California Villas<
                                                                 +COSMIC VISION+
                                                           (>practice of the aborigines<)
                                                                  +CROP CIRCLES+
                                                         >continue to confirm the circle<
                                                            >as primary Cosmic Vision<

                                                               +POVERTY POINT+
                                                    >located but 15 miles from the small<
                                                   >town founded by my grt grandfather<
                                                        >provided us w/ several lessons<

>were crucial to their aboriginal<
>approach to design of everything<
 >from their city to their objects<

>including the cosmos was<
>their very best guide<

                                                      >Bird Mound links Poverty Point<
                                                         >to the conical mounds of the<
                                                           >Nubian/Olmec in mexico<
                                                            >is how they moved vast<
                                                                 +DIRT QUICKLY+<

>seen in a nearby new community<
                                                      >was also circular & biomorphic<

                                                   >of the people were biomorphic huts<
                                                     >erected around the center energy<
                                                        >device similar to Stonehenge<
                                                      >as we took the guided tram tour<
                                                          >was the discovery of these<
                                                          >circle post positions which<
                                                            >may have formed cones<
                                                              >or even large domes<

>today is much eroded but still<
>gigantic and very impressive<
(>this is only part of it<)
                                                                 +ANCIENT ALIEN+
                                                    >program researchers haven't covered<
                                                     >Poverty Point yet but when they do<
                                                              +ZECHARIA SITCHIN+
                                                      >the Nubian/Sumerian connection<
                                                           >will play an important role<

>the Baton Rouge "comet" of the 19th<
>century now thought as an early<
>reminds me of the "comet" Marianne<
>and i saw over Positano, Italy<
>(reported three years ago)<
>the great Master Machinist on<
>Ancient Aliens last night made<
>clear the impossibility of<
>construction w/o machine<
>aid of an advanced type< 
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu


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