Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, November 3, 2013

AMAZING VISITATION / breston plantation ( creativity vs ghosts )

  >Breston Plantation History<
>Poignant and Powerful<

>have passed since great grandparents<
>John Ray & wife Catherine Bresse<
>her father, Jean Baptiste had built this<
+1790 DATE+
>oldest plantation in Caldwell Parish<

 (>one of seven state<
>for this he almost lost his life<
>he & Catherine & her sister<
 >Serena left for New Orleans<
>lincoln/houston etc<)
(>almost died at Alamo,<
>revised state statutes<
>on two occasions<)

>of Breston was made by searching<
>the internet for the plantation<
 >of our Ray/Bresse ancestors<

                                                           +BRESTON GATEWAY+
                                                            >was very poignant to me<
                                                            >filled w/genetic memory<

                                                       +CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD+
                                                         >(Master of Fine Art, Honors)<
                                                 >emerging southern artist and her father<
                                                         +HUGH YOUNGBLOOD+
                                                  >w/ brother Breston Youngblood are<
                                                      >inherited current Breston owners<
                                                                   +SINCE 1900+   
                                                       >our kind and considerate hosts<
                                                            >(we were a party of six)<
                                                         +BRESTON PLANTATION+
                                                            +RADIANT 20 C. DAYS+
                                                            >(National Historical Place)<

                                                              +BRESTON DINING+
                                               >is enhanced by a magnificent collection<
                                                 >of crystal glasses and china dishware<
                                                  >(Hugh Youngblood & Henley Hunter<
                                                        >share historical reference points<

                                                               +FAMILY HISTORY+
                                                    >has been much of Caroline's focus<
                                                     >here she shares some examples w/<
                                                        >our friend & plantation expert<
                                                              +HENLEY HUNTER+
                                                       >author of "Magnolia Plantation :<
                                                          >a family farm ( his heritage )

                                                      +JEAN BAPTISTE de BRESSE+
                                                      >of Villefranche-sur-Mer, France<
                                                              +SAVOY-GRUY TIE+
                                                          >our great great grandfather<
                                                             >stared at us w/ interest<

                                                           +CAROLINE'S STUDIO+
                                                   >is in her ground floor bedroom with<
                                                        >her desk and apple computer<
                                                       >talent and hard work provides
                                                          >her a very prolific oeuvre<

                                                                +COTTON THEME+
                                                    >paintings are the focus of her recent<
                                                       >work in watercolor & also oil on<
                                                        >wood at very fair current prices<

                                                                  +FAMILY LIFE+
                                                 >in recent times on southern plantations<
>has not been easy and Caroline has<
>captured the poignance of lost<
>dreams & current difficulty<

                                                  +"THE ART OF STORY TELLING"+
                                                      >in Delta Style magazine is one of<
                                                         >many feature articles that tell<
                                                          >Caroline's impressive story<

                                                         +CAROLINE'S TALENT+
                                                 >is matched by her industry in offering<
                                                   >her paintings to a world distracted<
                                                        >w/ news articles devoted to<
                                                             +LIFE'S HORRORS+
                                                    >one has to be impressed w/ her<
                                                           +FRENCH AWARD+
                                                     >dedicated focus and her love<
                                                          >for France and History<
                                                           +BRESSE HISTORY+
                                                     >in Villefranche-sur-Mer is her<
                                                           +LATEST PROJECT+ !
                                                        eugene ray, mfa, architect
                                                         professor emeritus, sdsu


  1. Dear Eugene,

    I am a dear family friend of Hugh Youngblood and Caroline Youngblood and Breston. I spent many days and nights at the Plantation.

    I also had an extra-terrestrial sighting close to Baton Rouge when I was 28 years old. I am 65 this November. I will never forget it. It has stuck to me like glue.

    I would very much like to discuss with you your experiences - both at Breston Plantation and with your sighting.

    If you so desire, you may reach me by contacting Hugh, Caroline or by emailing me at: I also have an architect friend in Napa who you may know. He grew up in La Jolla and he has always wanted to see the Silver Ship house. He has two Frank Lloyd Wright house designs on his Vineyard.

    In any case, for some good conversation and also to share my experiences with you, I would hope you contact me for a close encounter of the third kind.


    Susan H. Barre

  2. Is the Breston Plantation connected in any way to the family of Frank C Bres or his Father Jerome Bres? These are my grandfather and great grandfather. This may be a piece of family history I would like to visit. Sincerely Annita Bres Gentry, Bossier City, La. annitagentry@aol.con


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