Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ART=HISTORY=BLOOD / gratitude to new orleans friends

>fills my heart as i look back on our trip<
>to new orleans and points north in<
>our mexican gulf louisiana region<

>Marianne and i are very grateful to my<
>brother Walker and wife Della who<
>K A T R I N A+)
>were kind to drive us around in<
>their comfortable new Honda<
>who kindly shared historical data<
>at the magnificent New Orleans<
>Historical Collection<
>who had us to drinks at her radiant<
>Saint Charles Avenue condo and<
>booked a Commanders dinner<
>who booked our lunch in Mandeville<
>and a special dinner in Covington<
>was a special gesture of kind<
>friendship in both occasions<
>from Mary Lynn & Neal<
(>ties us all together<)
>nourish memory<

                                                              +NAPOLEON HOUSE+
                                                    >patio lunch after John's presentation<      
                                                >right to left , Marianne, John, Mary Lynn<
                                                      >Amanda, (john's colleague), Walker<
                                                         >and myself enjoying friendship<

                                                                +ARTS CULTURE+
                                                      >is the vital essence that gives old<
                                                       >new orleans its famed radiance<

                                                                   +GENUS LOCI+
                                                      >is the great historical factor that<
                                                      >galvanizes new orleans magic<

                                                              +JUDGE JOHN RAY+
                                                          >pioneer, lawyer, legislator<
                                                           >man of wisdom & peace<
                                                      >New Orleans portrait provided<
                                                        >by Georgia Chadwick of the<                                                     
                                                             >Louisiana Law Library<

                                                          +FRENCH VISIONARIES+
>have galvanized life and work in the<
                                                    >persona researched in New Orleans<
                                                                   +FIRST NOVEL+
>(Madame Lafayette was typical<
>google : Princess Of Cleaves<

                                                          +COLLAGE GRAPHICS+
>and Mail Art have been a powerful<
>medium to express New Orleans<
                                                         >Alchemy, Poetry and Essence<

                                                          +COMMANDERS DINNER+
                                                    >(.l to r.) Mary Lynn, Della, Marianne<
                                                        >me and Ann Maurin share very<
                                                          >special love for new orleans<

>( r.) Lorraine & Neal, Marianne & i,<
>Della and Walker share much family<
>history in the St. Tammany Parish<

>i was gratified to receive two fine<
>emails today reflecting a love<
>for Louisiana Creole History<

>#1) Henley Hunter has written an<
>excellent plantation short story<
>so poignant of the difficulties< 
>in plantation life today<
>#2) Mary Lynn Hyde, a Louisiana<
>History Society member reports
 >cousin Nikki Barranger hosting<
>touring members to<
+I N V E N T I O N+
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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