Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ANCIENT ORGANIC WISDOM / plantation pilgrimage lessons

>are extremely important to the<
>future of man on this earth<

>pilgrimage to one's roots is a very vital<
>educational insight to primary wisdom<
>providing a revealing overview<
>at Breston plantation this year<
>they planted corn so that<
+YEAR 2014+
>cotton will grow better<

>prototypes are needed for regeneration<
>of family owned plantation facilities<
>here is one built and one concept<
>plus one private garden unit<

                                                           +RADIANT VILLA 1981+
                                                  >was a profound prototype for modern<
                                                     >solar heated california plantations<
                                                                  +UNIT THREE+
                                                        >decentralizsd and affordable<

>concept for a three generation family<
>plantation facility w/ cone & dome<
>radiant decentralized units<

                                                           +RADIANT WASH 1992+
                                                >private garden prototype for family use<
                                                    >with cone and dome radiance and<
                                                    >usage like the Japanese Tea House<

                                                          +FRENCH BIOTRONICS+
                                                               >(in the Orient Forest)<
>Saint Bernard the geomancy designer<
>of cathedrals and monasteries was<
>my ancestors inspiration and is<
                                                              >now my guide as well<

                                                            +MAYAN BIOTRONICS+
                                                     >ancient alien researchers have long<
                                                       >known the value of ET insight<
                                                              >eugene ray architect<

>organic wheat & corn growth gave<
>birth to the French Fleur de Lis<
                                                >please subscribe to the Zecharia Sitchin<
                                                    >Newsletter to track profound leads<
                                                      >of extraterrestrial design insight<
                                                             +"THE TREE OF LIFE"+

                                                              +GENETIC MEMORY+
>has directed much of my life especially<
>valuable has been plantation living<
>oriented to the plant kingdom<
(>a profound "must read"<)
>is a book that has been very vital<
>to my life in radiant concepts<

>came to me in the two Studio Homes<
>for my family surrounded by the<
                                                            +WORLD OF PLANTS+
                                                         >Silver Ship in Lajolla California<
                                                           >Radiant Pavilion in Sansouci<
                                                           >Forest, Covington, Louisiana<

>the first residential prototype designed<
>for california where plants figure<
>strongly on the inside of the<
>two skin openable sphere<
(>final vision<)
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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