Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ONLY the FANTASTIC= POSSIBLE at the HIGHEST LEVEL= (REALITY)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^in 1947 i saw a UFO SPACE SHIP> that had been photographed in> CALIFORNIA by george ADAMSKI this INFLUENCED my LIFE forever ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS=ADAMSKI FANTASTIC #1) popes medal= given adamski #2) adamski & telescope/camera #3) ufo=over baton rouge=1947 #4) mothership with saucer ships #5) saucer ship=artist's painting ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ READ LEN KASTEN'S BOOK ON= >EXTRATERRESTRIAL SECRETS

               +S O M N A M B U L I S T S+
                       >please wake up<
        >i was never afraid to tell the story<
          >of my 1947 UFO SIGHTING over<
            >our hometown/baton rouge<
               >in over 25 years teaching<
       >despite the involvment of the most<
        >controversial person in the history<
          >of the ufo/et space phenomina<
                     +GEORGE ADAMSKI+
          >the internet take on adamski is<
            >wrongly influenced by fbi and<
                       +HOOVER HATED+
               >cia propaganda so please<
                    >ignore all that pap<
                       +R E M E M B E R+
         >adamski photographed the same<
             +MOTHERSHIP I SAW IN 1947+
                 +ABOUT THE SAME TIME+
           >my beloved father and his nola<
             >cia chief brother and others<
                 >who disliked out of the<
                        +BOX THINKING+
        >could never erase that experience<
            >so central to my life and work<
     >at the "open minds"conference i met<
                         +LEN KASTEN+
     >who's exellent book w/ adamski data<
             +"THE SECRET HISTORY OF+
      >i highly recommend for your library<
                  +"ABOVE TOP SECRET"+
        >(timothy good's book reliable too)<
      >please view the full length www film<
                     +GEORGE ADAMSKI+
              >the truth is much stranger<
                         >then fiction<
         >the sincerity of the kodak experts<
             >in the latter part of the video<
              >shall shut cynics into silence<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >at the highest level only the<
                    >fantastic is possible<      

      #1)          +POPE JOHN XXIII+
         >gave adamski this medal and the<
              >drama of that is seen in the<
                         +FBI COULDN'T+
               >"suppressed information"<
                   >video doxcumentary<

       #2)        +GEORGE ADAMSKI+
       >at palomar gardens california with<
           >his 35mm camera attached to<
              >his telescope used for ufo<
                    >space photography<
                      >well documented<
                 +ADAMSKI CONSTANTLY+

         #3)           +MOTHERSHIP+
         >adamski's photo of the craft i saw<
          >over baton rouge in 1947 which<
            >was very large and believed<

           #4)      +BOTH TYPE UFO+
       >craft are seen in this adamski photo<
                        +1952 VINTAGE+
         >the 27 foot diameter saucer craft<
              >are circling the mothership<
                 >which they have just left<

          #5)           +SCOUT CRAFT+
          >artist's rendering of the saucers<
              >seen and photographed by<
                     +GEORGE ADAMSKI+
         >as published in len kasten's book<
              (note : sphere landing equipt)
                  >thousands of sightings<
                      >many abductions<

        >synchronistically. marianne and i<
           >enroute to and from arizona<
                >drove by the historical<
                     >adamski settings<
         #A)      +MOUNT PALOMAR+
               >adamski's home film base<
         #B)         +DESERT CENTER+
       >california site of a ufo encounter by<
            >adamski witnessed by several<
                 >people who signed an<
                         +AFFIDAVIT OF+
                  >witness confirmation<
                       >devoted people<
                    +ADAMSKI WEBSITE+
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                               +U F O+
                     >for my earlier texts<

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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