Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MANY DNA LIVES PROVIDE OUR creative work essence on earth> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT ARCHITECTURE oeuvre evolved 1959-1969 in louisiana > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TWO VISIONS IN TWO STATES > +LOUISIANA AND CALIFORNIA+ provided two seperate versions of RADIANT architectural oeuvre ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=>FIVE CONSTRUCTS #1) silver ship= lajolla, california #2) seligman res / covington la. #3) wilty res. gretna/new orleans #4) diagnostic clinic/covington la #5) chamber of commerce/cov. la

                +CREATIVE DNA ESSENCE+
                  +PROVIDE THE VISION+
               >staigg/lamothe/bresse etc<)
        >to neal pendleton of louisiana for<
                     +DEGRUY COUSIN+
             >historical reference articles<
                >brought to my attention<
             >please (search)<
                +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                    +CHARLES GAYARRE+
          >to discover the degruy ancester<
            >historian charles gayarre who<
                      +N.O. ANCESTORS+
                 >grew up on our foucher<
                        +TULANE UNIV+
                   >ancestors plantation<

          >to garic barranger of covington<
                      +DEGRUY COUSIN+
               >louisiana who requested a<
                       (+SEE PHOTO #2+
                        +& THNOC=LSU+)
               >seligman residence photo<

        >to sdsu/e.d. alum professor kotaro<
             >nakamura for invitation to a<
                >robert irwin sdsu lecture<
            >i heard irwin lecture years ago<
              >before he designed gardens<
               +ARTISTS ARE WONDERFUL+
                        >(creative vision)<
                  +INVENTIVE DESIGNERS+

                   +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
            >my louisiana architecture led<
             >to california prototypes and<
                    +S Y N E R G E T I C S+

       #1)             +SILVER SHIP+
       >my lajolla california home & studio<
             >as it looked when we built it<
                  +CASTLE DNA MEMORY+
                       +UFO INFLUENCE+

         #2)           +SELIGMAN+
        >residence built in covington la for<
              >a shipbuilder who just died<
                >his french heritage led to<
                 >a dramatic early career<
                      +SHADES OF POET+
                          +ST. EXUPERY+
                   >as a 2nd w.w. aviator<)
           (>my early sighting of a ufo had<
                 >influence on this design<)

        #3)                +WILTY+
         >residence with its interior garden<
              >living room was published in<
                   >the n.o. times picayune<
                    >eugene ray architect<
                        >wilty residence<
                    +FOR MORE PHOTOS+
                   >eugene ray /degruy<
                        >wilty residence<
                    +FOR EARLY ARTICLES+

        #4)        +DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC+
            >addition in covington louisiana<
              >one of my earliest structures<
                  +ARCHIVED DRAWINGS+
                      +LOUISIANA WORK+
                  >donated to the historic<
                   >new orleans collection<
                        >and lsu archives<
               (>our friend jack willoughby<
                   >seen here, recieves this<
                      >blog every day now<)

        #5)       +AUBERT INSURANCE+
        >company offices and the chamber<
          >of commerce in covington gave<
                  >new life to an old town<

         >the lsu library archives has listed<
                    +1ST LSU EXHIBITION+
             >on the internet the contents<
               >of my oeuvre gift to them<
                    +OF MY LECTURES IN+
               +CALIFORNIA & LOUISIANA+
         >also google now has many of my<
                    (+GOOGLE IMAGES+)
             >drawings/photos and blogs<
                   >on the internet but<
                            +BE ALERT+
            >another eugene ray who lives<
              >in lajolla has been the c.e.o<
                 >of a famed company in<
                    >the space program<
               +ON THE GOOGLE IMAGES+
                (>lecorbusier was wise to<
                  >to invent a new name<)

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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