Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fwd: EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT'S GIFT> for the sdsu emeritus exhibition ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ UNISPHERE as a MISE-EN-SCENE CREATED as a HOLOGRAPHIC SET ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^the original 1970 prototype had> >>OMNI-MAX PROJECTION<<> 180 degree film projected on skin >a hologram would improve idea ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THUS EVERYONE COULD LIVE IN> DAVE'S LATEST 3D "SITUATION" paying him a monthly rental fee> the bed located in the >CENTER< WHERE ALL THE BIOTRONICS ARE

(eugene ray architect)<
becomes a holographic set based<
on dave fobes latest painting<
                          +THE BED+
located in the very center<
where energy is the<
           (>in honor of the sdsu faculty<
exhibition emeritus section<)

                    +CONCEPT BASED+
on my unisphere concept of<
                             +1970+ (search)<
               +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
(esp. jan. 13, 2013 posting<
original unisphere photo)<

the current cover article in<
                  +"FOCUS" MAGAZINE+
march 2013 issue<
published by "british broadcasting<
company" in london has a vital<
concept that "reality" may be<
                 +ACTUALLY SIMULATED+
(scientists are intensly working<
to PROVE this fantastc idea<)
                         +AFTER ALL+
what does an ant comprehend<
of our human/world reality<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
concept for a radiant hologram<
                    (+DAVE'S PAINTING+)
reality in universal spheroid<

     #1)        +RADIANT ENERGY+
synergetic stucture as created<
in my studio at sdsu in the<
                        1970S DECADE+
using a technique i developed<
manipulating a video camera<

     #2)              +UNISPHERE+
the double teflon skin openable<
spherical residence w/ dave<
projecting the hologram<
             (>sending my evening blog<
back to me of course<)  
                       +JIM BOURKE+
is building the new aquarius<
desert operational center<
                     +KEVIN & JASMIN+
in the desert nerve center<
overseeing operations<
(brinks trucks galore)<
                +MOVE OVER MR GATES+
                  +MR FOBES IS AT THE+
                      +C O N T R O L S+

        #3)           +R E A L I T Y+
is what god and his associate<
                        +DAVE FOBES+
are cooking up for you<
                     +RALPH BOWMAN+
is in charge of the hollywood<
studio connection and<
                         +TOM DAVIS+
is in charge of our patents<

        #4)         +PLANET EARTH+
becomes our radiant simulation<
with sdsu ed alumni in charge<
are in charge of asia and<
is in charge of africa while<
                       +JIMMY & ARATHY+
are in charge of india

       #5)              +PARADISE+
the french version, shall be my<
post to enjoy everything from<
with much radiant joy<
radiating smiling grace<
                          +TOM HART+
                     +RALPH ROESLING+
sharing profound philosophies<
                     +SHERRY & NANCIE+
in charge of our decor and<
                      +FRANK WOLDEN+
                         +ROGER UTT<
providing the new city<
                    +RADIANT W/ LIGHT+
for my first student john messina<
and his wife tania who were w/<
me in new orleans in the<
very beginning of<

                gene ray, lajolla, california

eugene ray, mfa, architect<
professor emeritus, sdsu<

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