Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, March 8, 2013

NIKOLA TESLA'S MOTHERSHIP= frank lloyd wright scope vision> tesla made huge cosmic designs ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ATLANTEAN MOTHERSHIPS => gigantic sea as well air >VALIX< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ EDGAR CAYCE MOTHERSHIPS => cayce saw giant ships in trances ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY WAS VITAL in edgar cayce's atlantis visions >tesla's designs/radiant visions ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GEO. ADAMSKI MOTHERSHIPS> giant city sized=as my sighting Inbox x

                             >and the<
                      +POWER SYSTEM+
                         +OF THE GODS+
              +(GODS=ANCIENT AILIENS)+
        >david hatcher childress vital book<
          >is a must read in understanding<
             >the mothership link between<
               A)      +NIKOLA TESLA+
                     >giant motherships<
               B)       +EDGAR CAYCE+
                     >atlantis motherships<
               C)    +GEORGE ADAMSKI+
                       >giant motherships<
               D)      +ANCIENT ALIENS+
                        >giant motherships<
                          >(wun chok bong)<

        >to this matrix i should add several<
          >more recent giant size craft like<
           >the one appearing at phoenix<
                +THE 1947 SIGHTING THAT+
                   >INLUENCED MY WORK<
        >especially the on-going project to<
           >construct a giant desert center<
                    +AQUARIUS CENTER+
              >for research/development<
                 >of advanced structures<
               +UFO BACK ENGINEERING+
                    +A PRIMARY FOCUS+
                (>biotronic energy always<
                    >our vital component<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >motherships and the alchemy<
                >(photos david childress)<

      #1)            +TESLA'S WORLD+
        >tesla's huge energy towers charge<
         >giant motherships over new york<
           >google his dramatic biography<
              >for his struggle w/ edison<
                 >and his morgan allies<

       #2)         +TESLA'S GENIUS+
             >is forever expressed in this<
                >famed document of his<
                (>wright must have loved<
                     >this radiant power<)

        #3)        +TESLA'S SPHERE+
           >crowned tower expressed the<
              >arcadia/cosmic quality of<
                  +HIS RADIANT VISION+

       #4)       +ATLANTIS "VALIX"+
                >(interplanetary mode)<
             >mothership as envisioned in<
              >"a dweller on two planets"<
               >by frederick spencer oliver<

        #5)        +ATLANTIS "VALIX"+
                      >(sea going mode)<
              >mothership as envisioned in<
                 "a dweller on two planets"
               >by frederick spencer oliver<

     >george adamski lived on mt palomar<
         >near lajolla and even nearer to<
                 +RAMONA CALIFORNIA+
      >setting for the lemurian fellowship<
            >that published the sequal to<
                "a dweller on two planets<
               >w/ its edgar cayce visions<
       A)          +AIR CONDITIONERS+
       C)               +MONO RAIL+
       D)        +WATER GENERATORS+
                    >plus star mothership<
       E)                     +VALIX+
               +LEMURIAN FELLOWSHIP+
                            >and the<
                 +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+
          >continue in this region as kevin<
           >& jasmin brekke return home<
                 >to the california desert<
                        +W E L C O M E+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa architect<
                 >professor emeitus, sdsu<

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