Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, March 14, 2013

DYNAMICS OF LIFE POTENTIALS came my way=was it a destiny ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SDSU MULTIVALENT LIFE>ROLE< architect/professor/scholar &=> builder required several >HATS< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GRATITUDE FILLS MY HEART AS> i liik back at lifes synchronicities ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS>DYNAMIC DESTINY< sighting UFO was the beginning

               +DYNAMICS OF DESTINY+
        >the devotion of dave fobes to my<
            >work is world class and so is<
              >encouragement of others<
                 +LIKE YOU MY FRIENDS+
           >gratitude also fills my heart as<
              >i look back at the amazing<
         >the UFO sighting/the illness that<
                    +SCHOOL DROPOUT+
                         +THREE TIMES+
           >caused childhood reading/the<
             >prof that had a heart attack<
                       >(please google)<
                  +EUGENE RAY/DEGRUY+
                           +JIM HAND+
                 >leading to my teaching<
                      >invitation at lsu<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >dynamic destiny was the result<
               >of dynamic synchronicities<

       #1)             +AIR FRANCE+
                    +INSPIRES DESIGN+
   >los angeles/paris & paris/los angeles<
       >as in the case of this sketch for a<
       >for the roebling family was always<
             >an inspiration to creativity<

               +MARIANNE CONWAY RAY+
          >my beloved bride not only gave<
              >this web tv email system to<
                  >me upon our marriage<
             >she also flys to france w/ me<
               >despite having difficulty on<
                    >trans-atlantic flights<

       >efforts i have made over the years<
           >is the most difficult hat i have<
                >worn and i take it off to<
                         +OLD FRIENDS+
              >tony ciani, joe tabler, john<
                  >redlinger & especially<
                    >ralph bowman my<
                         >student asst<
                 +TONY CIANY DESERVES+
                       >dedicated force<
                  +A VERY LARGE MEDAL+

        #3)     +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
       >scholarship was one of my favorite<
             >hats of all time earning the<
                   >invitation in france<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                >architecture and energy<

         #4)     +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
        >structures and environs was the<
           >result of that scholarship and<
               >exhibitions and lectures<
                    >the great reward<

         #5)    +PROTOTYPE CONCEPTS+
          >like the silver ship and roebling<
              >villa seen here were also a<
                    >joy to a creative life<

              +DAVE FOBES ALSO WAS A+
                    +GREAT SILVER SHIP+
          >read his memoir on the internet<
              >of his early days in my class<
                        >you my friends<
                +DAILY FOR MY FORTUNE+
             >the mistakes i have made in<
                >life also fill my mind and<
                 +APOLOGIES ARE NEVER+
                   +SUFFICIENT ENOUGH+

              >other special aids to my life<
                >must be emphasized here<
                   +JOHN W. LAWRENCE+
                      >ROBERT W. HECK+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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