Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, March 30, 2013

BIOMORPHIC VOLUMES OFFER FLUID RADIANT ENERGY SPACE >ancient alien radiant volumes >atlantis/sumeria/egypt/malta ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY VORTEXES > as found in ancient architecture ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CONICAL BIOTRONIC RADIANCE as found in ancient architecture ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE GODS (ALIENS) MACHINES the research of wun chok bong

            >my prototype designs using<
                    +CONES & SPHERES+
            >are so ancient they are in the<
                 >visionary french term<
                   >relished by degruy<
                      >ancestors who<
             +BUILT A DOME SUGAR MILL+
                          >new orleans<
                +WITH RADIANT VORTEX+
         (>giving them an award winning<
           >quality sugar crop production<)

           >this report on the research of<
                    +WUN CHOK BONG+
              >is dedicated to sdsu alums<
               >kevin and jasmin brekke<

                  +BIOTRONIC VOLUMES+
            >as i have written before the<
                  +BRILLIENT RESEARCH+
         >of wun chok bong corroborates<
              >much of my own research<
                   >in biotronic energy<

               +THE SUITCASE OF BOOKS<
                >carried to my uk lectures<
                      >would have been<

                +"THE GODS MACHINES"+
        >wun chok bongs invaluable book<
             >would have been required<
                            +S T U D Y+
                  >in my classes at sdsu<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >radiiant energy vortexes in ancient<
         >biomorphic architectural volume<
            >generated by conical devices<
           >all illustrations from the book<
               +"THE GODS'S MACHINES"+
                     >by wun chok bong<

      #1)        +CONICAL DEVICES+
        >turned ancient neolithic temple<
                     +S P H E R I C A L+
           >volumes into radient energy<

       #2)               +TARXIEN+
        >temple conical power generator<
                      +MALTA 2500 BC+
              >with energy vortex reliefs<
                   >on the lateral walls<

       #3)           +TWO VIEWS+
        >wall view on the left depicts the<
                  +RADIANT VORTEXES+
          >of spiraling energy as seen in<
                 >the plan view circular<
                 >in the temple (right)<
                     +CONICAL DEVICE+
              >activating the force fields<
                  >located in the center<

        #4)         +VORTEX RELIEF+
          >with basin that held the central<
                      +CONICAL DEVICE+
            >as seen by david childress in<
                 >his research on malta<

        #5)         +MALTA TEMPLES+
       >three different malta temple plans<
          >with conical energy generators<
            >providing radiant biotronic<
               >in the domical volumes<

                    +"ANCIENT ALIENS"+
      >the great history channel television<
          >series was on tonight w/ much<
               >data to support the many<
                >concepts i present here<

         >technical experts like chris dunn<
             >the master machinist attest<
                 >to obvious conclusions<
           >was the source of much design<
             >and early earth construction<
                            +A M E N+

               >gene ray, lajolla, california<

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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