Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, December 20, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS DINNER>> at our castle in lajolla recently=> WAS A JOLLY & HAPPY EVENING except for those we missed a lot^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REFLECT THE JOY OF> CHRISTMAS 2012=& OUR BLOG= linking us w/all of you my friends ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Inbox x

        >at our home for several stars of<
           >friendship who have been so<
                >kind to us this vital year<

                 +JIM & MABEL BOURKE+
       >jim, my former student assistent<
          >who has w/ dave fobes made<
              >a herculean effort to put<
                   >my library together<
                     +MARY LYNN HYDE+
          >former president of the tulane<
           >alumni club of san diego who<
               >continuously contributes<
                  >to my new orleans tie<

     >to my good friend & his radiant wife<
                  +DAVE & ROCIO FOBES+
        >who couldn't attend our dinner<
             >as dave has been not been<
                    >feeling his very best<
                 +DAVE IS MUCH BETTER+
         >and has not missed a beat in his<
            >dedication to organizing this<
                     +NIGHTLY EFFORT+
            >dave is also the backbone of<
                        +VITAL ABILITY+
             >teaching entering students<
                    >in the sdsu art dept<
                +MARVELOUS TO SEE ON+
                          >linked here<
               +HIS BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE+
                    +MASTER BUILDER+
            >when you want to build that<
                 >sportshouse or castle<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+

     #1)             +DINNER TABLE+
       >set so beautifully by my wonderful<
                      +BRIDE MARIANNE+
           >who brought to our marriage<
                  >her beauty, grace and<

     #2)          +QUEEN MARIANNE+
            >my beloved wife who brings<
                 >light into our daily life<
     >in our living room with the portrait<
          >of my great, great grandfather<
                      +J.J. VAUDECHAMP+
         >the great french portrait painter<
              >was in new orleans in year<
                 >when degruy married<
                     +FELICIE FOUCHER+
           >(the link to author victor hugo)<

      #3)       +MARIANN'S TABLEAU+
        >marianne mother of four children<
         >and talented school teacher had<
            >much christmas decor in her<
                          +D O W R Y+

      #4)           +DESSERT PLATES+
          >are empty and stomachs full as<
          >i prepare the la velencia hotel<
        (>napoleon brandy/creme de cacao<
           >kahlua/grand marnier/baileys<
           >five scoops of vanilla ice cream<)
                       +LEFT TO RIGHT+
              +MABEL (designated driver)+
                +MARY LYNN (only driver)+
                   +JIM- (master builder)+

     #5)           +BORDEAUX WINE+
       >bottles portrait in the foreground<
                      +MOUTON CADET+
             (>our favorite in front of jim<)

                +WHALEING GOOD TIME+
                        >(smiling faces)<
                      +ENJOYED BY ALL+
         >but wished you could have been<
             >with us and are grateful for<
                 >your friendship always<

                       >antoine's recipe<
              +NO MATCH TO THE CUISINE+
                        +ROCIO FOBES+
                     +SHERRY BEATON+
                +CHIKAKO TERADA HART+
             >all who hosted dinners for us<
                >during this wonderful year<
                  +CHRISTMAS GREETINGS+
                  +CHRISTMAS GRATITUDE+

                   >gene and marianne ray<
                        >lajolla , california<

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