Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CHRISTMAS has AMAZING links> w/ GRUY TEMPLAR GEOMANCY ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JESUS-CABRIERE-TEMPLARS and the route=GRUYERE-RAY-PARIS- via GRUY chateau (bar sur aube) MAGNY FOUCHARD orient forest ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ST BERNARD CLAIRVAUX VISION sacred measure/genetic memory JACUMBA SOL=arcadian campus ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REVEAL >FANTASTIC SYNCHRONICITY over 1000 years Inbox

        >to mary lynn hyde/tulane alumni<
          >official/friend who introduced<
                +Mrs NOEL LIVAUDAIS+
        >of old new orleans creole family<
           >to us at the s. diego tulane<
                   +CHRISTMAS PARTY+
              >as i peered into her eyes<
                 >i saw creole wonders<

                   +MARY PLANTATION+
           (>degruy creole indian mound<
             >delery plantation neighbor<)
                +PLANTATION RADIANCE+
            >of my early research essays<
                >celebrating this history<
                    > (search)
                +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+

           >has amazing historical events<

                 >say the blind and lost<
                       >STUDY W/ CARE+
                  >scholars are rewarded<

              +CHRISTMAS @ CABRIERES+
                    >castle in languedoc<
                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
          >ancient valentin/verloin/degruy<
               >chateau in christmas snow<
                       >knights templars<
                           >gruy family<
                +ORIENT FOREST FRANCE+
           >note : for valuable early essays<
              >please (search)<
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
        >look for mise-en-scene visions of<
             >gruyere castle/lirey chapel<
                  +TABLEAUX VIVANTS+
         >magny fouchard/sansouci forest<
             >silver ship christmas etc etc<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >the holy shroud was carried to<
          >the lerey chapel/orient forest<
                >from the ray castle for<
                     +CHRISTMAS 1359+
               >by the devoted templars<
                         >vergy etc etc<
                 >st bernard/hugo/nodier<

       #1)        +CABRIERES CASTLE+
              >languedoc, south of france<
               >key knights templar locus<
                    >merovingian kings<
               >emma calve/rev sauniere<
               >please (search)
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+

       #2)     +ARCADIAN SHEPHERDS+
         >important poussin merovingian<
           >sacrement society/sion priory<
               >painting feared/hated by<
                       +KING LOUIS XIV+
                    > (search)<
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+

     >sacred geomancy architect/father of<
                   +KNIGHTS TEMPLARS+
      >designer of cathedrals/monasterys<
       >spiritual leader of degruy people<
                >light of the orient forest<

     #4)          +CHRISTMAS ROUTE+
               +HOLY SHROUD OF JESUS+
         >on this route one can trace the<
                >straight line path from<
                     +GRUYERE CASTLE<
             >lower right near lausane to<
                         +RAY CASTLE+
               >upper left, near vesoul to<
              >out of picture, upper left via<
                   +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
              >gruy chateau/leray chapel<
                       +ORIENT FOREST+
               >near clairvaux monastery<

       #5)           +JACUMBA SOL+
    >my design for a spiritual community<
            >near jacumba, california for<
                  +JOHN DRAIS-ABBOT+
        >of the madre grande monastery<
       >of the st bernard templar heritage<
        >vital to the spiritual manifestation<

         >in the middle of the straight line<
             >route gruyeres castle to ray<
              >castle is the templar city of<
                       +B E S A N C O N+
               +& FRIEND VICTOR HUGO+
                        (>plus his wife<)
                     +ADELE FOUCHER+
          >of the degruy/foucher family of<
                  >new orleans my great<
                 +G R A N D P A R E N T S+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >profesor emeritus, sdsu<

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