Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, December 8, 2012

FULLER=SUSTAINABLE DREAMER our friend= metropolis magazine HONORED IN JULY-AUGUST 2008 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^OUR SDSU DESIGN PROTOTYPES earned a major fuller conference & all-california univ. design wins ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^NATURAL DISASTERS PROVE the VALUE OF FULLER GEODESICS & our SDSU-ED prototype concepts ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS reveal FULLER VISION ahead of the time means=leader Inbox x

                +"AHEAD OF OUR TIME"+
      >is the title buckminster fuller and i<
            >shared over many years but<
                  +NATURAL DISASTERS+
            >have revealed that the world<
             >needs to catch up to those<
                  +RESILIENT CONCEPTS+

       >dave fobes our distinguished sdsu<
          >environ design and silver ship<
                >and web-master of our<
                     +NIGHTLY EFFORT+
         >tells me, you my faithful friends,<
              >are among four thousand<
                  >kind souls who have<
                     +SEEN OUR BLOG+
          >from all over the known world<
              (>outer space & cia viewers<
                   +ARE NOT COUNTED+)

                 +BUCKMINSTER FULLER+
      >our old friend who gave me a copy<
       >of his "sky ocean world" geodesic<
                  +LIFE MAGAZINE MAP+
              >which hung proudly in our<
                     +SDSU-ED STUDIO+
      >i feel certain, like frank lloyd wright<
       >paolo soleri, myself & many others<
                +PROBABLY HAD A HUGE+
                         +CIA DOSSIER+
           >as we worked hard to produce<
                 +AFFORDABLE HOUSING+

       >two deans, under outside pressure,<
       >once accused me outright of being<
        >until i produced a time magazine<
         >published THAT WEEK reporting<
           >the lack of affordable housing<
                >in the good old u.s. of a.<
                 +THOSE DEANS NEVER+
                   +ACCUSED ME AGAIN+
         (>i was promoted to full professor<
             >shortly after that rediculous<
                   >and absurd accusation)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >buckminster fuller honored<
                       +V I S I O N A R Y+
               >by "metropolis" magazine<

          >"metropolis" magazine cover of<
                   +JULY-AUGUST 2008+
            >honoring r. buckminster fuller<
             (>who was twice ejected from<
                      >harvard university<)

       #2)         +BLACK MOUNTAIN+
                         +COLLEGE 1948+
     >gave buckminster fuller a wonderful<
        >opportunity to develop geodesic<
           >structural theory into usable<
                     +DESIGN CONCEPTS+
       >i heard fuller's 4 1/2 hour lecture<
          >as a young professor at lsu in<
           (>many left after 3 1/2 hours<)
            >i stayed and five years later<
          >the sdsu env. design program<
                  +RESILIENT & STRONG+

        #3)        +"D Y M A X I A N"+
        >was the title bucky fuller gave his<
           >prototype house & car designs<
            >(water color by his wife anne)<
                     +NORMAN FOSTER+
         >famed british architect recently<
           >had one of the dymaxian cars<
                   >beautifully restored<

          #4)       +DYMAXIAN MAP+
        >first published in life magazine in<
                             +1 9 4 3+
           >allowed the spherical earth to<
                       +HIS 1973 GIFT+
           >take shape from flat triangles<

           #5)     +DYMAXIAN VISION+
               >fuller's house and what he<
                      >grandly titled the<
                  +"DYMAXIAN GROUND+
                                (his car)
                         +TAXING UNIT"+
                  (>henry ford museum<
                    >dearborn michigan<)

      >unaccepted as architect or engineer<
         >buckminster fuller was in special<
           >company w/ leonardo da vinci<
                >(is the title they earned)<

       >the year before i retired from sdsu<
                        +1 9 9 5-1 9 9 6+
       >the buckminster fuller foundation<
             +SELECTED US TO HOST THE+
                    +FULLER CENTENIAL+
            (>perhaps my best video taped<
                >lecture/in the lsu archives<)
                      >photos seen soon<
               +OUR LAST E.D. EXHIBITION+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<
               +FULLER'S GENIUS IS ALIVE+

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