Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, December 6, 2012

ESOTERIC ESSENCE=ALCHEMY= the heart of all our best oeuvre ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GHOST of FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT >my 1993 lecture @ taliesin west ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TONIGHT'S FIVE PHOTO REVIEW #1) ghost of frank lloyd wright ! #2) silver ship @ paris biennale #3) adobe desert complex units #4) ferro-cem desert biomorph #5) gods machines/a must read ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WRIGHT-GOFF LEGACY OFFERS >NEW ARCHITECTURE VISION< Inbox

                   +ESOTERIC ESSENCE+
              >alchemy matrix forms the<
                      +WE ARE AGENTS+
                >heart of the best of our<
                      >lifetime of effort<

             >fifty years ago i met brillient<
                          +BRUCE GOFF+
                >and the talented sons of<
                 +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+

                       +TALIESIN WEST+
           >and bruce goff's studio in the<
                         +PRICE TOWER+
         >plus every wright/goff structure<
           >i could find between louisiana<
           >and the pacific ocean were my<
                    +PHOTO OBJECTIVES+
           >my young family of wife marian<
             >and two children crammed in<
              >our new volkswagon beetle<
                  >spent 17 days enroute<
               +WERE GRACIOUS TO OUR+
                  +DEDICATED INTEREST+
            >in 1993 i was invited back to<
            >taliesin for a presentation of<
                       >my color slide<
                +ARCHITECTURE OEUVRE+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         (>first one of several paranormal<
             >experiences i have had and<
                  >shall expand on soon<)

    #1)        +THE GHOST OF FRANK+
                        +LLOYD WRIGHT+
        >photo of our table in the taliesin<
           >dining room just following my<
                       +1993 LECTURE+
                >color slide presentation<

      #2)          +THE SILVER SHIP+
                 (>our studio/home for a<
                  >quarter of a century<+)
                   +LAJOLLA, CALIFORNIA+
            >at the time it was invited into<
                         +SPRING 1985+
             >the paris biennale exhibition<
                  +SOLD AFTER MARIAN+
                      +LEFT THIS EARTH+
          (>i had a paranormal experience<
            >here the night she passed on<)

      #3)            +DESERT STUDIO+
                    (>la quinta california<)
          >decentralised studio/residence<
            >with rammed earth walls and<
                       +CONICAL ROOFS+
               >water as the central oasis<
                 >vortexual harmony vital<
                     >w/radiant planting<

        #4)           +FERRO-CEMENT+
        >shell, desert biomorphic residence<
          >economical earthquake resistant<
                 +1977 COMPUTER CALCS+
            >resilient structural concept for<
                     +CALIFORNIA DESERT+
                (>one half building cost of>
                  >standard construction<)

         #5)  +"THE GOD'S MACHINES"+
                     >by wun chok bong<
      >scholarly "must read" book verifies<
       >all i have researched & written re:<
                   +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
       >found in spherical/conical designs<

       >is the descriptive title i have given<
          >the buildings of my life oeuvre<
              >especially those using the<

                       >vortexial energy<
                +VIBRATIONAL RADIANCE+
         >all materials, volumes and plants<
           >are in vibration,, the challenge<
             >is to put it all to an order of<
                        +H A R M O N Y+

                       >new ones too<
               +WRIGHT-GOFF FRIENDS+
       >my observation is that wright and<
             >goff were both sensitive to<
                      +E S O T E R I C S+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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