Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, December 9, 2012

JESUS & DOME SYNCHRONICITY- SADHU WISDOM=DOME VISION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ first christmas card of the season arrived/SYNCHRONISTIC timeing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS FOR BUCKY FULLER > AERODYNE DOME PROTOTYPES ! >affordable/ disaster resistant > SPORTSHOUSE DESIGN VISION- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^#1) aerodyne sportshouse design #2) aerodyne universal spheroid #3) silvership /domus, milan italy #4) christmas time machines sdsu #5) sdsu library/ dome christmas

              >for sadhus and patrons w/<
                    +SPIRITED WISDOM+
      >if you need a house to defy natural<
          >disasters like tropical cyclones<
              >earthquakes & tornadoes<
          >that you can construct yourself<
                >and be "sportif" about it<
                    +DOMES ARE SMART+

    >to the dean of the sdsu library for her<
      >christmas card which arrived on the<
       >very day (yesterday) i wrote about<
                 +BUCKMINSTER FULLER+
       >the genius who brought geodesic<
          >domes to the worlds attention<
                     (+SEE PHOTO FIVE+)
       >for our "aerodyne sportshousing"<
              >basic design solutions see<
                     >photos #1) and #2)<
                 +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+
            (>openable garden-plantation<
                >design the ultimate best)

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
      >"aerodyne sportshouse" prototypes<
              >are suited for young lovers<
            >people of deep simple lifestyle<
                         +INDIAN SEERS+
             >i have written of this concept<)
              >those who want to survive<
                  +NATURAL DISASTERS+

     #1)              +AERODYNAMIC+
         >geodesic dome enclosure ensures<
            >the fabric of your sportshouse<
                  +(SPORTSCAR INSPIRED)+
          >will resist high winds , temblers<
             >and bricks won't fall on your<
                       +CRYSTAL SKULL+
         >and w/ interior walls, floors and<
          >secondary rooms tensegrity in<
            >design/construction while<
                      +LIGHT & STRONG+
             >affordable and expandable<
                   +VORTEXUAL ENERGY+
        >is powered by allowing the inner<
              >volume to go around the<
                       +CENTRAL CORE+
              +CITROEN ARRIVED IN A BOX+
                 +FOR YOU TO ASSEMBLE+
                (>all a fraction of the cost of<
                    >standard construction<)

       #2)         +GARDEN HOUSING+
    >inside the domical envelope provides<
      >food, oxygen, and biotronic energy<
                 +PLANTS=BEST FRIENDS+
        >dogs are second...ref : please read<
        >my sixty-five foot diameter design<
           >"universal spheroid" openable<
                +PLANTATION RESIDENCE+
                     >(seen in upper left<
               >houseboat unisphere seen<
                       +TEFLON SKIN-(2)+
                 >radiant, in upper middle<

      #3)              +SILVER SHIP+
       >original international publication<
                  +"DOMUS" OF MILAN+
             >constructed in the center of<
              >conservitive lajolla calif w/<
              >triangulated roof structure<
                    (>similar to geodesics<)
       >please see the silver ship blog pages<
           >on right and (search)
               +EUGENE RAY / SILVER SHIP+

     #4)             +TIME MACHINE+
       >what does one do in the unisphere<
                       +CHRISTMAS EVE+ ?
         >(the artist/magicians take over)<
                        +A L C H E M Y+
     >a tunnel of light time machine takes<
                   +SENSORY RADIANCE+
        >one via synergetic experience and<
           >to a region of human nirvana<
              >free of war/murder/greed<

        #5)      +DOME CHRISTMAS+
    >wonderful, witty, 1954 ed emishwiller<
       >christmas illustration for cover of<
              +WAS A TELLING PREVIEW+
                      >fuller era vision<
                  +OF THINGS TO COME+
           (>however, rocket is unecessary<
             >w/ anti-gravitational travel<)

     A)              +OBSERVATION+
       >if citizens in new orleans/new york<
           >haiti/japan and other places w/<
            >homes lost from catastrophic<
                    +NATURAL DISASTER+
           >had raised dome houses they<
                >would not be homeless<
          >see my prototype concept for a<
               >(more standard lifestyle)<
                >(patio/pool in the center)<

     B)                +AS WE SPEAK+
         >several governments and private<
          >companys have selected domes<
              >for secure construction on<
                        +MARS & MOON+
               >plus other bodies in space<

       >the traditional japanese house was<
          >a magnificent design rather like<
               >our sansouci forest house<
            >opening to an outdoor deck<
               >rich with magnolia trees<
                    > (search)<
               +EUGENE RAY / SANSOUCI+
           >focus :"glazed jungle pavilion"<
              (>also review the silver ship<
                >drawings & photographs<)
              +EUGENE RAY / SILVERSHIP+
                  >focus/ early drawings<
                    >silvership overview<
            +ON A STEEP SITE THE DOME+
                +SHOULD BE STRETCHED+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >profesor emeritus, sdsu<

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