Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, December 7, 2012

ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE temple provides link w/ eternal cosmos ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SPHINX-EXTRATERRESTRIAL link may explain many u/a questions ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE SPHINX MYSTERY forgotten origins of the sanctuary ANUBIS (robert temple w/ olivia temple) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ author of "SYRIUS MYSTERY" w/ a new INTENSE RESEARCH book Inbox x

         >to mary lynn hyde, tulane alumni<
            >official and good friend ref to<
                     +OSCAR NIEMEYER+
           >master brazilian architect and<
                 +DESIGNER OF BRAZILIA+
           (>locus of my last international<
               >color slide/oeuvre lecture<)
                +DIED IN RIO de JANEIRO+
                       >december fifth<
                     +AT AGE 104 YEARS+!
           >oscar niemeyer was a fabulous<
               >designer w/ a passion for<
                   +CURVED STRUCTURE+
          >which may explain why i was so<
           >pleased when he wrote to one<
              >of my grad students in the<
                    +1990s (KIND NOTE)+
            >i dedicate tonight's message<
             >to oscar niemeyer, architect<

              +THE SPHINX AS A TEMPLE+
                     >ancient et/egypt<
                  +LINK W/ THE STARS+

                            +3500 BC+
      >american/british research professor<
                      +ROBERT TEMPLE+
          >wrote  in his early famous book<
                +"THE SYRIUS MYSTERY"+
        >is when the african dogon people<
             >(descended from egyptian)<
                  +SYRIA & BABYLONIA+
        >this may be profound knowledge<
             >to support the research of+
                 +CHRISTOPHER DUNN+
                    +WUN CHOK BONG+
            >and many others regarding<
              >ancient alien interface in<
                     +ANCIENT EGYPT+

       >now robert temple has a new book<
         >written w/ the aid of wife olivia<
               +"THE SPHINX MYSTERY"+
           (>"the forgotten origins of the<
                 +SANCTUARY OF ANUBIS"+)
          >this fabulous addition to one's<
                    +ESOTERIC LIBRARY+
      >is strong revelation in the profound<
          >architectural structure found in<
                      +ANCIENT EGYPT+

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
        >five photos reveal robert temples<
             >conclusion-the sphinx is the<
                  >HEAD OF A PHAROAH+
                       >on the body of a<
                              +D O G+ !
          >not a lion as commonly thought>
                       +ANUBIS JACKEL+
              >could this explain the tribe<
                >(no pun intended here)<

                      +O V E R V I E W+
         >how could the dogon tribe w/o<
             >telescopes know about the<
                       +SYRIUS STARS+
             >and extraterrestrial history<
                          +T R I B U T E+
           >eric von daniken, father of the<
                       +ANCIENT ALIENS+
                >television program series<

                     +A F T E R+N O T E+
        >as one who has collected cia (ex?)<
           >agent friends in large number<
               >i was shocked to discover<
                       +ROBERT TEMPLE+
                        +ROD SERLING+
            >both were studied by the cia<
                   >apparently for their<
        (>note : the freedom of information<
          >act does not guarantee release<
               >of all secret cia documents<)

                 +FASCINATING REALITY+
        >governments are very interested<
                      (+#1 TOP SECRET+)
             >in extraterrestrial research<
                +AND MY PERSONAL LIFE+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu,

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