Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, October 21, 2013

RETURN TO NEW ORLEANS / gratitude for revelations

>fills my heart as we prepare to leave<
>for our Creole roots in New Orleans<
>have come to me in many forms<
>and i am as amazed as anyone<

>is on "Coast to Coast" radio as i write<
>telling his own amazing story of<
>and i deeply relate to that<

                                                                +PRIORY de SION+
                                                >Knights Templar Geomancy revelation<
                                                   >research relating to my French people
                                                        >in the Orient Forest is primary<

                                                              +GRAPHIC PACKETS
>over twenty five years of intuitive work<
>were my medium to express the<
>factors galvenising my oeuvre<
                                                          >from its French Creole roots<

                                                              +VERLOIN DEGRUY+
                                                  >earliest Indigo plantation in St. Charles<
                                                    >Parish on the Mississippi rivers is the<
                                                       >resource for much of my oeuvre<

>where i worked in the Vieux Carre<
>of old New Orleans is the heart<
>of metaphysical urban vision<

                                                 >of the plant kingdom near New Orleans<
                                                  >is a magical study of Organic Energy<
                                                       >manifested in several formats<

>found in New Orleans Creole cemeteries<
>reflects the Knights Templar/Masonic<
>to ancient Egypto/Sumerian insight<

>found in my oeuvre reflect the Cosmic<
>Consciousness that has galvanized<
+I N S P I R E D+
 >our Radiant Architectural vision<
                                                              +ONLY AN AGENT+
                                                                 >(my deep feeling)<

                                                      >as i write this Uri Geller is relating<
>on the radio that Extraterrestrial<
 >Power has given him the<
>ability for his amazing<
+A B I L I T Y+
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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