Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, October 4, 2013

FEED SEED & OXEN / ambience of our beloved covington

(>home of walker percy<
>and other fine artists<)
>is a charming old summer resort for<
>new orleans urbanites looking for<
>(evading 19th c. yellow fever)<
>in the piney forests 35 miles from<
>at a dance in the park<
>down by the river<
>Memere lived in a tropic cottage<
>where our cotton broker grand<
>father had died years before<
>had frequented the forests and rivers<
>here for many enjoyable decades<
+AUTUMN 1859+
>Francois Verloin Degruy our great<
>great grandfather was the parish<
(+$12,000+) !!!
>wealthiest planter landowner<
>(pioneer of brick industry)<

                                                    >i hung my architectural shingle over<
                                                     >the door on the left side of this old<
                                                         >bank where my aunt worked<
                                                             >after the 1st world war<

                                                          +FEED & SEED STORES+
                                                   >in covington were the most radiantly<
                                                      >organic archetypes to establish a<
                                                                 +GENUS LOCI+
                                                        >sense of St Tammany Parish<
                                                              +PINE OIL AROMA+
                                                   >was my favorite memory of summer<
                                                      >vacations spent in old covington<

                                                           +SOUTHERN HOTEL+
                                                  >heart of all social occasions where<
                                                     >our grandmother rocked on the<
                                                              +FRONT PORCH+
                                                      >outside Tuggy's infamous bar<

                                                            +ST. PAUL'S COLLEGE+
                                                     >my dad's legendary school where<
                                                           >he broke his nose playing<

                                                  >variety store where my grandmother<
                                                      >bought a carpenter's kit of tools<
                                                                 +FIRST TOOLS+
                                                         >for a child when i was sick<
                                                      +STORM NIGHT LIGHTING+
                                                          >ignited an interest in light<
                                                            >w/ Memere's hurricane<
                                                                    >OIL LAMPS+

                                                            +SAINT SCHOLASTICA+
                                                 >Marian my first wife boarded here as<
                                                      >a young girl taking the bus to<
                                                              +NEW ORLEANS+
                                                      >her parents living in Carrolton<

>the year our mother was born, the oxen<
>still were run through the streets on<
>the way to our Cavaroc great<
>grandfathers nola stockyard<
>caused me to return to Covington when<
>i received my architectural license to<
>the surprise of our parents who<
>had moved to Baton Rouge<
>lemon layer cake memory was<
>also a powerful influence<
>to our deGruy cousin Neal Pendleton<
>for the Covington Bicentennial<
>Scrapbook photographs<
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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