Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, September 26, 2013


>as you know are very close to my heart<
>and tonight i am sharing some never<
>seen before by the outside world<
>by the dozens fill the shelves of this<
>where i write to you each night<
>thanks to Dave, Marianne and<
>you my faithful friends<
>of a color format has been developed<
>during my teaching years and has<
>aided these collage graphics<
>gratitude to Ralph Bowman my<
>friend and student assistant<
+MID 70S+
>who remembers my early<
>graphic xerography<

>are a review of six plates from my<
>binder book of metaphysical graphics<
>the architecture of my life has<
>direct linkage w/ this work<

                                                                     +PARIS 1985+
                                                   (>Radiant Concepts in Paris Biennale<
                                                      >greatest honor of my design life<)
                                             >MY OEUVRE @ CENTRE POMPIDOU+
                                            >collage color xerox photo graphic of Marian<
                                             >my first wife w/ 4, 4 ft by 4 ft panels of my<
                                                         +TENSILE STRUCTURES+
                                               >the tensile structures of my oeuvre called<
                                                     +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                                               >relate to the lightweight tensile sailboats<
                                                 >found in Oracle our winning craft in<
                                                         +THE AMERICA'S CUP+ 

                                                          +VILLENEUVE CASTLE+
                                               >quite by synchronicity i found this photo<
                                                     >of a family castle in the south of<
                                                   (>castles vital to my genetic memory<
                                                        >make this image so important<)

                                                    >this graphic documents an amazing<
                                                     >experience i had on the night train<
                                                               +ROME TO PARIS+
                                                      >meeting Michele Morgand, great<
                                                        >French Violin Quartet Genius<
                                                        (>wife of Francois de Bourbon<
                                                           >brother of the pretender<)

                                                               +CAPRI COLLAGE+
                                                      >our favorite radiant genus loci<

                                                           +ACROPOLIS COLLAGE+
                                                     >our favorite greek historical design<

>this my favorite Palladian Villa was<
>photographed on one of about<
 >twenty Italian study trips<
>in the form of Radiant California Villas<
>was the result of this intense study<
>google : eugene ray architect<
             california villas
>ALSO : eugene ray architect<
                >metaphysical graphics<

>were a most impressive collection of<
>the Italian Villas that i viewed of<
eugene ray, mfa, architect
professor emeritus, sdsu

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