Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, September 16, 2013


                         +TEMPLAR HERITAGE+
        >of our Savoy-Bresse-Gruy people at beautiful<
                      +VILLEFRANCHE sur MER+
           >i have written about at length and can offer<
                >much insight into our later history in<
                            +L O U I S I A N A+
                    >where the Ray intermarry the<
                               +de BRES(SE)+
                     >inheriting Breston plantation<

                            >eugene ray / degruy<
                     +VILLEFRANCHE sur MER+
            >the message of nov. 7th 2008 mentions the<
                >synchronicity of discovering a street in<
                      >the ancient savoy-bresse village<
       +CHAPEL  BROCHURE+                            >named after admiral philippe de bresse<
        >purchased at the chapel<                                    >ancestor of the bresse of breston<
            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                   +PLANTATION+
           +HOTEL WELCOME+                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^
       >just across the street is the<
             >locus for pilgrims<                                                     +JEAN COCTEAU+
                 ^^^^^^^^^^^                                          >designed the chapel interior at villefranche<
                     >and painted it into a magnificent relm<
                           >devoted to the priory de sion<
                      >jean cocteau is pictured here in one<
                       >of the great surrealist films that he<
                             >filmed in st jean cap ferrat<
                                >adjoining villefranche<

                     >the old fisherman's chapel at villefranche<
                        >that was turned into a priory de sion<
                           >environment of secret symbolism<
                            >with transcendent manifestation<
             +JEAN COCTEAU+
  >was not only a great artist but was<
     >also, many people believe, the<
           +PRIORY DE SION+
    >adjunct of the knights templor<

       >seen below is the ultimate device that jean cocteau<
            >would have used in the chapel interior if his<
                         (+SION EGYPT-ET LINK+)
             >sponsers of the 1950s would have allowed<
                          +KNIGHTS TEMPLARS+
                 >link with the priory de sion included<
                    >strong ancient egyptian-e.t. data<

   +JOHN RAY+ our great grand father (left) married+
                   +CATHERINE de BRESSE+
      >daughter of jean baptiste de bresse descendent<
          >of duke philippe de bresse de savoy who<
            >was a devoted relative of the count of<
        >this connection amazingly linked the de gruy<
             >family with the ray family long before<
                            +EUGENE RAY I+
                       >married my grandmother<
                  +LUCY VERLOIN DE GRUY+
                >an overview recognizes the deep<    
                 +BRESSE-GRUY SION LINK+
                        eugene ray, mfa, architect
                         professor emeritus, sdsu

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