Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, August 1, 2013


                      +RADIANT EXHIBITIONS+
             >among Jimmy Gorimar's kind words<
             >about my teaching at SDSU was it's<
            >this difference as I look back on it is the<
               >dimension I bring to this blog and my<
                >creative lifetime oeuvre involving the<
                                +BIG PICTURE+
                     >incorporating genetic memory<
                           >inner psychic alchemy<
                       >are vital to my expression<

                         +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >artistry was important to my oeuvre<
                  >and I developed metaphysical<
                      >art w/ a tangent known as<

  #1).                     +ART PACKETS+
                    >typical art packet contents<
                           +MAIL ART VISION+
                 >the improvment and economy of<
                    >made possible packets of my
                       >metaphysical creativity<

  #2).                    +EXHIBITION A+           
            >two panels of four of my architecture<
              >in downtown San Diego during the<
                            +1980s DECADE+
             >utilizing advanced color xerography<
                 >the technology just developed<
               (>media was one of the classes I<
                 >wrote for sdsu environ design<)

  #3).                    +EXHIBITION B+
             >each year I would design and build<
               >an exhibition like this at sdsu to<
                  >our link w/ cosmic vision and<

  #4).                     +GRAPHIC A+
             >"New Orleans Apocalypse" xerox<
                           +11 BY 17 INCH+
                >collage mail art graphic offers<
                    >homage to my roots for<                  
                >these were folded for strength<
                    >in the mailing condition<

   #5).                    +GRAPHIC B+
              >"New Orleans Apocalypse" photo<
                 >original collage that would be<
                     >color xeroxed for mailing<

              >of these graphic packets over the<
                  >years which melded psychic<
                     >and architectural design<
                        >are many of you my
                       +DEAR OLD FRIENDS+
          >John Lawrence/Pat Staub/John Messina<
             >Robin Beeman/Garic Barranger and<
                         +SOME DECEASED+
              >Walker Percy/Clarence J. Laughlin<
                        +SOME STILL ACTIVE+
             >including professional colleagues like<
                 >Max Conrad who sponsored one<
                                  +L. S. U.+
                   >exhibition and lecture where I<
                    >combined architecture w/ the<
                       Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                         Professor Emeritus, sdsu                       

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