Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAVID FOBES=5 VITAL WORKS> artist=spiritual visionary=agent to transcendent environ & LIFE ! craftsman/ scholar of # 1 rank= SERIOUS-DEVOTED-TALENTED- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fw: Re: Thanks so much Dave ! PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WITHOUT ART THERE IS NO LIFE >>THERE IS ONLY EXISTENCE<< >eugene ray to sdsu/ed classes< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ KID FROM REDLANDS LISTENED EMERGED RADIANT VISIONARY- >artist of vast manifold talents< Inbox x

                    +DAVID FOBES+
           >sdsu/ed alum/mfa/instructor<
                >vortex of human energy<
                     >pillar of integrity<

        >as you have noted dave fobes did<
          >not wait until i died to express<
             >his memory of our time at<
                           +S. D. S. U.+
             >and building the silver ship<

                    >rare in a world of<
      >please study carefully five examples<
                  +PRECIOUS ART PIECES<
         >from dave's magnificent oeuvre<

                 +THIS RADIANT WORK+

            >please understand the artists<
                  >(as several of you are)<
      >dave was honored with an exhibition<
          >at the highly dignified historical<
                   +LAJOLLA ATHENAEUM+
         >the show was magnificent, so very<
             >exquisite in its radiant quality<
                 +WALLETS OF NARROW+
                   >views remained shut<
               +POLITICS IS NOT DAVE'S+
               >interest nor should it be<

                  +STUDY THIS OEUVRE+
                           >and you<
                  +WILL FIND NIRVANA+   
             >no greater art investments<
                 >in my estimation exist<
                (>please take a vital note<
                 >is my last interest in art<)

                   > (search)
                +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+    
                       +DAVID FOBES+
       >to find my analysis of dave's ability<
                 +BEFORE WE REUNITED+
            >after many long years hiatus<

            (>for more of his life and work<
                    >see him on facebook<)
               +PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<


                                                               Retinal Prayer  
48 x 48 acrylic bulletin enamel

 Pay up Cheaters
48 x 48 acrylic bulletin enamel

 New Normal
80" x 80" color duct tape on sheet metal

 Liquid Geometry Series
65" x 40" color duct tape on sheet metal

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gene,
    Thank you for your kind words and support.

    The first image is one of the furniture pieces I have been working with in the last few years. These hang on the wall as "paintings" and then come off the wall as tables.

    The second two images are recent paintings in sign painters acrylic
    "Retinal Prayer" and "Pay Up Cheaters"

    The last two images are created in duct tape.
    The two panel piece is 80" x 80" titled "The New Normal"
    The last piece is the "Liquid Geometry series"

    These "liquid Geometry" series is now in the collection of my dear friend and well known photographer Philipp Scholtz_Ritterman ,who has documented" much of my work in the last few years.

    He is the one who has taught me how to do so much of this photo documentation and digital photographic processing, and given freely of his time and knowledge. Our legacy is supported by a network of friends and artists. I believe in the power of a freely shared knowledge.This is why you and I are both teachers.

    Thanks for your interest in the work,



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